Open Circuit on 8BitX #010 “Return”


Open Circuit returns from a month-long hiatus!


Maxo x Peter Berkman – Ranger [JACK vs MALTINE]

Marshall Art (feat. Bucky) – Asteroid Driller (practice session) [unreleased]
TREY FREY – DRIFT [single]
LITTLE PAW – Something Exploded in Russia… [SPACE CORGI]

Ryan8bit – He’s A Pup Killer [Back to the Future Tribute]
The Kevin Gnartinez Band – Lapis Lazuli (Steven Universe cover) [Live in San Jose]
The Kevin Gnartinez Band – Splash of Summer [Live in San Jose]

xyce – i want it that way [xyce vs. backstreet boys]
coda – Kaitenzushi [Boston 8Bit and Friends]
Arcade High – Campfire Curse [single]

TDK – Sanity Twister [Weekly Treats #M]
Melt Channel – Weird Waves (Live From Planet Earth) [Weekly Treats #M]
ame damnee – lost [Weekly Treats #N]
The J Arthur Keenes Band – Mirrorball Eyes [Weekly Treats #N]

Ryan8bit – Until the Sequel! [Back to the Future Tribute]

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