Touhou Tuesday 2012-10-16: Round Two of the Gensokyo Yama Debates, Distant Phantasm 6 special!


This week’s episode is all about Distant Phantasm 6. For those that don’t know, Distant Phantasm is an online music collaboration where anyone can submit their Touhou arrangements, and since it’s open to everyone it’s a good opportunity to get feedback and promotion on your song regardless of skill level. Since this is a radio show, I played all my favorites in a big 40 minute block. Oh, and I played one of my own songs too. A rare occurence! Other than that I have discovered 2 new circles this week, Secret Messenger and =NeutraL=. Yeah, they’ve been around a while but I’m still discovering all these things, which is awesome! Read on for the full playlist:

Syrufit – Delay Order

Babbe feat. Milkychan – Blühende Nacht

Funes – Drunk as I Like

oCaU – 遠野暗闇物語

Babbe feat. Milkychan – Mondscheinmagie

OverCoat – Firefly Night (Imperishable Night )

crescentia – White Lotus Prophecy

Ecriss – Les fleurs du mal

Babbe – TEMPER!!

sandwich☆cookie – LunaƆlear

Senjougahara Yousei – Destination Of The Wind (Hatsune Miku Ver )

Tuck.よしひさ | Issay – Asteroid Blues

Yuy/Vo. Atori – Princess

紅い流星 | 蒼い刹那 | [TEST] | ショボン | MAXつかさ | ムター – 秋符十年

Odyssey – LUNATIC

Nanasy – ネクロマリア


yana – オズネイ・ハマンはもういらない

ランコ – plaza desperado

ジュクチョー – 墨染の八分咲

Toy – 妖精大戦争 ~ Fairy Wars

ジュクチョー – 18禁エチュード

モヤイ – 悲劇の女神の足取りは軽く

まさみティー – 洞窟いいね、少し潜るぜ

Yuy/Vo. ちぃ – アリサ

ぼいど / 夕野ヨシミ / 3L – Miracle∞Hinacle

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