Radio OverCoat 2012-10-17: Bad Case of the ‘Loids


Today I went and got some “new” vocaloid music for the show, ’cause I feel like I hadn’t been playing it enough! I’ve been so preoccupied with Touhou and Synthpop that I was falling a bit behind! So I played a block of Vocaloid this week. In addition to that we got some crazy awesome new stuff from Xerxes, Shnabubula, and Temp Sound Solutions! Xerxes released Droplets of Water last Wednesday, and is available for pay what you want, same with Shnab’s new album Fading Light, which is absolutely incredible and emotional piano playing, doing what [in my opinion] he does best. Additionally Shawn Phase celebrated the 15th [wow!] anniversary of Temp Sound Solutions with a release on Pause. I played multiple tracks from all of these tonight. Read on for the full list of what I played:

Xerxes – Command Shift

Yellow Magic Orchestra – BE A SUPERMAN

ゆよゆっぺ – The last 8 bars

Shnabubula – Sunny Days Again

temp sound solutions – mew’s lament

DECO*27 – モザイクロール

ゆよゆっぺ – Leia

ハチ – パンダヒーロー

buzzG – A



El-P/Trent Reznor – Flyentology

Tesla Boy – Fantasy

Hansee – Break (Xerxes Remix )

Shnabubula – Fading Light

Lackluster – thor’s magic bathtub

temp sound solutions – hibich

Jonas Kroon and Xerxes – Cube

Shnabubula – The Bewildered Swordsman

TWRP – The Device Pt 1

TWRP – The Device Pt 2

Skrypnyk – Untill Next Time…

Xerxes – Lakitian

Boards Of Canada – Dayvan Cowboy

Shnabubula – Looking for Answers

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