Touhou Tuesday 2012-08-28: C82hu Special Part Just Kidding!


Okay! So I still had some Comiket 82 material this week, but not much, I wanted to reach back into my archives and play some other songs. No TrueStar this week, she had to run in silent mode. She’s busy studying fuckin’ magnets anyway! Read on for the playlist:

東京アクティブNEETs – 弐、【月映天蓋】

MERAMI – In A Night When Her Sorrow Resounds Around

堕悪祭怪&昼 – 日常への入場

spctrm – Aureole

ゆよゆっぺ – Melting time

Syo – Ayakashi UN-DEUX-TROIS

蓬屋ふらん – ICE GIRL

ZUN/狐夢想 – ロータス・ラブ

3L – Search for the butterfly


Babbe – Kero-chan’s party

REDALICE – Border of Love

綾倉盟 – Black

DJ Nanasaki – Ancient Dayz

Silver Forest – sunny side out

3L – MyonMyonMyonMyonMyonMyon!

Sou – skywatcher

AMO – Quantum vacuum ocean

まさみティー – 萃め先は神社で

Vivienne – Sweet Nocturne

ZUN/狐夢想 – ティーエイチ

綾倉盟 – 虹とひまわり

Bizen – ラクトガール 少女密室

Pizuya’s Cell feat.3L – Old Nezumy feat.3L

ぼいど / 夕野ヨシミ / 3L – Miracle∞Hinacle


Today’s BGM brought to you by EVE Online and Jon Hallur.

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