Radio OverCoat 2012-08-29: Generic Dystopian City Release Party, Cyberpunk Night!


I had the good fortune to host a release party tonight, for the new Abducted by Sharks album, Generic Dystopian City. It’ll be out September 1st and is available for preorder for $10. Since it’s for sale though and not out yet, I had to cut the album from the podcast recording. For now though, enjoy these other cyberpunk songs. The show also started out today with a cool cover of A_Rival’s “I Wanna Be a Ninja Turtle.”

Abducted By Sharks – A_Rival – I Wanna Be A Turtle (Abducted By Sharks Remix )

Abducted by Sharks – Generic Dystopian City [removed from podcast, link in main section of article!]

Sunjammer – Data Kings

Billy Idol – Shock to the System

Yoko Kanno – Psychedelic Soul

virt – Nightfall Over the City

darkhalo – Petabyte Flow

Plasma Face – Russian Computer

Tesla Boy – Synchronizing

Bomb Boy – Back Alley Clash

Tappy – Acid Shota

Siren & Michiel van den Bos – UNATCO

Asturias – Cyber Transmission

Kenji Kawai – Floating Museum

grandma – are we dead yet?

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