Touhou Tuesday 2012-06-12: Fairies Stole my Sake


More RTS9 overflow! I can seriously play nothing but Reitaisai 9 music for another few shows and not be short on material. However, I tried sneaking in some old Komso in there. Fortunately, he put his music on, and you can download that here. Also, if anyone wants to help me produce a videogame based on the idea I present in the show, please email me at [email protected]! PLEASE. Also mentioned was TrueStar’s awesome science field trip. She took some pictures, available for download here.

Jun.A – スターヴォヤージュ2008

ZUN/狐夢想 – プリズムリバーズ

魂音泉 – Non-Directional Art feat.Ginryu

cold kiss – Take it easy

ゆーな – Lost Ark

izna – Pilgrimage

江口孝宏 – デザイアドライブ

aki – Double Standard

LA2na – Chiasma

小峠 舞 – Surprised Me!!

Vivienne – World Around Us

Pizuya’s Cell feat.3L – プリズムループ feat.3L

CleanTears – リベリオン

Floating Cloud – 東方妖怪小町~東方永夜抄 \\ 東方妖々夢 Ancient Temple アレンジ ~東方妖々夢

桂マザファキ乃輔 – 無情

=悠花 – A Blossom Day

oiko – Night parade

魂音泉 – At the End of the Dream


ぼいど / 夕野ヨシミ / 3L – Miracle∞Hinacle

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