Radio OverCoat 2012-06-13: 1980-Bit


Continuing with my recent trend of playing ever more synthpop, I played some tracks from the recent “Miami Nights 1984” album, Turbulence. I also played some chiptunes, like Omodaka and K->.

OMODAKA – Monkey Turn

Miami Nights 1984 – The Getaway

VORC Records – Kiss You (K-> Remix )

Clean Tears – LED : Again

Linde – Fractal Bus Ride

Yellow Magic Orchestra – Key

hunz – You Said Hello

YM – ヒネクレタシンプル

Rico Zerone – Take It Off Already

HMO Toka no Naka no Hito (PAw Lab. ) – Tegakari (KEY )

minibosses – excitebike 20

Kompressor – Crushing in Progress

Nu Shooz – Point Of No Return

Miami Nights 1984 – Ocean Drive

Yukihiro Takahashi – Glass

transient – wind chill

Yoko Ueno – Root A

darkhalo – Petabyte Flow

Shnabubula – Saturn Orbital Platform

Ryuichi Sakamoto – Seven Samurai – Ending Theme

Lix – Virtual Satellite (Original Mix )

Kplecraft – Triffid-G

ВЧ – Бумажный цветок

ACIDMAN – Ride the wave

Miami Nights 1984 – New Tomorrow

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