Touhou Tuesday 2012-03-06: Beardwatch


This week on Touhou Tuesday, a Nugget-related catastrophe almost prevented TrueStar from cohosting, but he turned out ok and she was able to be an awesome cohost for the 2nd week in a row. Unfortunately, my connection wasn’t quite up to snuff and disconnected a couple times, ruining the archived mp3. However, I used my leet audio hax to splice together a reasonable facsimile of the show, pasting the songs back in manually. Unfortunately, our introductory conversation after the first song has been lost forever. Too bad! Read on for the playlist.

紅い流星 | 蒼い刹那 | [TEST] | 黒侍 | MAXつかさ | ムター | 山石本薫 – 湖畔夏風邪隊

3L – 月齢11.3のキャンドルマジック

Kommisar – Rigid Paradise

spctrm – 永夜抄

京箪笥/仲篠田 むぎ – sweet home

IOSYS – 9190

Demetori – —d‰ö‚ÌŽR ` Mysterious Mountain

Yuyoyuppe – Awakening/Red Madness And My Desire

DJ Command/Vo. 3L & maria♂po – Last Moments

凛 – Chireiden set 02 〜 封じられた妖怪

堕悪祭怪&昼 – BSoD

℃iel – 秋扇

羽鳥風画 – ⑨翼の天使

spctrm – 無間の鐘

ネオ – 急ぎ門戸を突破せよ!

amo – Vlad III the Impaler

Yuyoyuppe – Their World


spctrm – Grimoire of Alice II

Shibayan – カラフル・メロウ・メドレー

ぼいど / 夕野ヨシミ / 3L – Miracle∞Hinacle


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