RadioOverCoat #238 (2017-10-08): Don’t Worry, I’m Only Half Mute


The irregular schedule is getting to me I think. Forgot to turn on my mic until an hour into the show, but hey, what’s there sounds good! Especially the new Timeline EP from Marshall Art [Bandcamp, $4 or more] which I played in its entirety tonight. The real special treat is getting it in vinyl format available at The Yetee for $20. It comes with a code for the digital download version as well. I would have also recommended the VA-11 Hall-A OST vinyl, but that sold out in the preorder phase. If they ever print more I’ll let you all know 😛 Read on for the full playlist:

  1. Marshall Art – the Guide of travellers along the roads of this world and along that leading to the next
  2. Marshall Art – Polygon Sun -by Chromelodeon-
  3. Yuyoyuppe – Blue
  4. IRON ATTACK – Bucharest
  5. 空と海と風と – MORNING BELL
  6. Crow’sclaw – double-edged love feat. cold kiss – Rock Rearrange
  7. Marshall Art, Cory Johnson – Timeline EP
  8. Serlöf – Nebulomania -DESKPOP bonus-
  9. Devo – Big Mess
  10. Geinoh Yamashirogumi – Exodus From The Underground Fortress
  11. Steve Jansen & Yukihiro Takahashi – BETSU-NI
  12. Garoad – A. Rene
  13. Hideaki Kobayashi – Day Dawns
  14. transient – rainboweyes
  15. aphilas – the dubbed coil of smoke
  16. Geinoh Yamashirogumi – Requiem
  17. coil – the anal staircase
  18. Alex Young – Psychotic Break
  19. alexander chereshnev – silver train
  20. Vangelis – Procession

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