Molehill Mountain Episode 68 – Andrew Is a Hating Hater Who Hates


Seriously, what’s with that guy?

  • 33:17 – Andrew opines that game journalists who were confused by the Wii U were lying or terrible at their jobs
  • 42:05 – Senran Kagura producer wants to make a game that appeals to women
  • 46:25 – What is and is not clickbait?
  • 51:50 – What is and is not hyperbole?
  • 54:30 – Red Dead Redemption 2 protagonist appears to be full-blown bad guy with no redeeming qualities. How does that compare to previous protagonists of Rockstar Games?
  • 1:05:55 – New Mummy video game movie tie-in seems to have nothing to do with the movie is’s tied-in to.
  • 1:18:28 – Andrew talk a bit about the Project Octopath Traveler demo.

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Chat Transcript:

7:00 PMeathdemonbeen watching people play cuphead, and yup I am not good enough to play that game

7:01 PMjordan thompsonnobody say joycon it might be a trigger word we don’t need Andrew having an anurism

7:01 PMeathdemonits been scoring well, but its one hell of a contra style game

7:02 PMjordan thompsonone more week and we all get laid

7:02 PMeathdemonjoycons off of switch not great, when I get one I will get a pro controler

7:04 PMjordan thompsonhey Zack do you have Welsh heritage Im half Irish and half Welsh

7:05 PMeathdemondid you play the ocopath traveler demo?

7:05 PME. Zachary KnightI think there is some in there. I have a lot of lineage from the British islands

7:06 PMjordan thompsonyou seemed more mildly annoyed than pissed

7:07 PMjordan thompsonif you guess ever want to bring back the bucket list I thought of some interesting questions

7:08 PMjordan thompson*guys

7:13 PMjordan thompsonwhat a great sister she just let’s you come to this horrific realization with no support, what a gal

7:13 PMeathdemonyou said you labtop is 7 years old, its time, I get it its expensive, but its time

7:16 PMScottyJayManIs your switch just full of demos?

7:17 PMjordan thompsonso Zack you work with politics within Oklahoma, is there any easy way to explain the partnership between the Oklahoma State government and the Native American preserves

7:21 PME. Zachary KnightI don’t know much about that. Sorry.

7:22 PMjordan thompsonfirst the game manual then the console manual, then 10 years later it’s the new Nintendo console in a plan white box that says only Nintendo and has no pictures

7:24 PMjordan thompsonjust dance 2018 : just shoot me edition

7:27 PMjordan thompsontak engrish murch

7:27 PMeathdemonjust get a pro controler

7:27 PMScottyJayManDo you already have Rayman Legends?

7:29 PMScottyJayManThe Murphy stages are there, they’re a separate mode

7:29 PMjordan thompsonso we can all agree snes classic scalpers can chew sweaty socks in hell right?

7:30 PMeathdemonthe joycons when I used it at pax felt like the wiimote and nunchuck. when I get a switch, I will be getting a pro controler

7:30 PMjordan thompsonso any chance at a N64 classic, if so what games?

7:32 PM13Ucubedo you think there will ever be an update to get wii mote support?

7:33 PMeathdemonI hope not, let the wiimote die

7:33 PMeathdemonit wasnt good

7:35 PMeathdemonI actively disliked the wiimote and nunchuck

7:36 PMeathdemonway clearer messaging andrew, the wiiu reveal was a messaging mess

7:37 PMeathdemonI have frainds who were watching that reveal with me that were confused about what it was

7:37 PMjordan thompsonso what’s the opinion on the SNES classic release

7:39 PMScottyJayManProfessions Journalists just like to hate on anything Nintendo.

7:40 PMjordan thompsonso people get confused between the Wii and the Wii u but I never heard confusion about the gamboy and the gamboy color have we really dumbed down that much

7:44 PMjordan thompsonXbox, Xbox 360, Xbox one, Xbox 36o ️ come on Microsoft what you smoking

7:45 PMeathdemonits the fan service game

7:46 PMeathdemonfan service the game

7:46 PMeathdemonso a click bait headline

7:47 PMjordan thompsonjust imagine his assistant hearing him say, “I want to meet my female fans, for research, I swear”

7:49 PMeathdemonthat headline gives a very different impression, atleast tone wise, than what he said.

7:52 PMRyan SteeleI disagree. It isn’t clickbait, it’s just hyperbole.

7:54 PMRyan SteeleYou didn’t literally find pieces of shit in your Switch box, so yes, it’s hyperbole.

7:55 PMRyan SteeleAt least, I think so.

7:55 PMjordan thompsonis having babies causing overpopulation/ page 1 : here’s why you might just really want a dog

7:55 PMRyan SteeleOh, sorry, did I misunderstand what we’re talking about?

7:55 PMRyan SteeleJust jumped in a bit ago.

7:58 PMjordan thompsonso we’re not mentioning the SNES release, if not this week next week and at some point I’d be nice to get some thoughts on a N64 classic

7:59 PMeathdemonyour right outside of trevor from gta5

7:59 PMScottyJayManI’d hate to see what Trevor’s moral code it

8:01 PMeathdemontrevor is basically the player avatar.

8:01 PMTrey AhzzeRed Dead looks to be turned into full GTA

8:01 PMTrey AhzzeRedDead 2…

8:04 PMjordan thompsonso Deadpool, the punisher, the crow ECT. ECT.

8:07 PMjordan thompsonthey just released the new Chucky, I’d like to see a prequel with how Charles Lee ray got into voodoo

8:08 PMjordan thompsonKevin spacy from American beauty kinda but might be a stretch

8:09 PMeathdemonthere was a mummy 3 sady, also a anamated serries which isnt bad btw]

8:13 PMjordan thompsonwhat do you think of the idea of horror victims coming to terms with their villians such as Ripley getting a pet xenomorph or shara Conner marrying a t800

8:17 PMeathdemonyou mean use your ipad, diaries have all been replaced

8:17 PMjordan thompsonthat’s oddly specific Andrew, are you speaking from experience

8:21 PMTheRiverAnduinthe full game should be amazing

8:21 PMjordan thompsoncan we discuss SNES classic release and the possiblity of a N64 classic at some point

8:21 PMRyan SteeleThat demo was great. Not even totally done with everything you can do in it yet.

8:21 PMeathdemonplay the dancer, its a fairly dark story

8:21 PMeathdemondarker than you would expect for a square jrpg

8:22 PMRiddimensaurthe kids mom

8:22 PMjordan thompsonalso next week is gonna be lots of fun, I’ll make sure the comments are full of inuindos

8:22 PMRyan SteeleLoved laying out every single possible challenger, leaving towns empty except for people lying on their backs with the stars overhead

8:22 PMRyan SteeleThe barmaid fight

8:24 PMTheRiverAnduinAndrew, you going to get Xenoblade 2?

8:26 PMRedhawk Gamingget x it was really good but it takes like 2 weeks to bet

8:26 PMRedhawk Gaming(xenboblade)

8:26 PMTheRiverAnduingamestop has a clearance for X

8:27 PMTheRiverAnduin20$

8:27 PMRyan SteeleXenoblade X was great to play as well. I thought it played better than the original, and the setting was more appealing to me.

8:28 PMeathdemonsoon tm

8:28 PMjordan thompsonI hate to be annoying and repeat myself but can we talk about the SNES classic and the possibility of a N64 classic next week

8:28 PMRyan SteeleI still wonder if Xenoblade 2 is really coming when they say. It just doesn’t really feel ready yet, based on what we’ve seen so far.

8:30 PMRedhawk Gamingits coming

8:30 PMRedhawk Gamingthey gave us a 8 minute trailer

8:31 PMRedhawk GamingNintendo only shows finished games

8:31 PMTheRiverAnduinX was shown several years before release but no date

8:31 PMRyan SteeleYeah, X had pretty substantial trailers a long way out

8:32 PMjordan thompsonalright I’ll get ready for next week, I’ll bring the beer someone else is in charge of the lube, not me

8:32 PMRyan SteeleGiven that they have a date, it seems likely to stick. It still just feels early somehow

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