Radio OverCoat #253 (2018-3-18): I Tracked Them Down Just For You


In this podcast I spend a good portion of the show kickin’ it oldschool. Like, really oldschool. The first quarter of the show is all about the modscene and demoscene, which by the way, most of those songs are available at The Mod Archive for free! Then I play some super relaxing sounds of the 1970s straight from Japan, and one of the only mainstream artists I’ll ever play on this show, Steely Dan. Followed that with a couple nice jazz tunes, and ending with some chill soundtrack music, and for some reason continuing the previous week’s anime rant… Someone please stop me. Read on for the full playlist:

  1. Jeroen Tel – Pools of Poison
  2. Purple Motion – Realm of Chaos
  3. Jesper Kyd – CREATION.MOD
  4. radix – donovan’s moonbike
  5. Lizardking – Desert Dawn
  6. BeaT – Mind of a Dreamer
  7. Virt – Blast Off Forever
  8. zabutom – Final Blast
  9. Koop – Absolute Space (Jazzanova mix)
  10. Richard Jacques – Magical Sound Shower (Euro Remix)
  11. Casiopea – Street Performer
  12. Taeko Onuki – 何もいらない
  13. Yoshiko Sai – Haru
  14. Steely Dan – Haitian Divorce
  15. Haruomi Hosono & Yellow Magic Band – Shimendoka
  16. DECO*27 – Mozaik Role feat.iciko (jazz arrange by Baguettes Ensemble)
  17. norfair – chill
  18. Kazumi Totaka – k.k. jazz
  19. MachikadoMapoze – 正邪の後進
  20. Kalafina – Lacrimosa
  21. Kou Otani – Refrain Of Memory
  22. Keiichi Okabe – 穏ヤカナ眠リ
  23. ollie cram – down quietways
  24. Kou Otani – Free Bird (Mahiru no Tsuki e to)

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