Radio OverCoat #245 (2017-12-31): New Year’s Fackin’ Eve


2017 sucked in every way except for the music. In this episode I play as many of my favorite songs from last year as I can fit in a 2 hour format, as well as talking a lot about them. Another bright spot was that the few games I managed to beat & finish this year were all very, very good, and of course I could’ve just done an entire show dedicated to the Nier: Automata OST, but there was still so much to play! I also played new stuff from chibi-tech, if you haven’t grabbed Psycho Somatic Generation yet, do so at her Bandcamp page [Bandcamp, Name Your Price]. I wish I had something more inspirational to say about the start of the new year, but really I just hope the trend of chiptunes still being amazing and getting even better continues. Read on for the full playlist:

  1. shing02 – oyanakase
  2. Stupid Idiot – Mecarobot Golf
  3. chibi-tech – The St. Helens Lobotomy Incident
  4. chibi-tech – Young Crescent
  5. chibi-tech – The Dawn Of Tokai
  6. Mark ‘TDK’ Knight – Sanity Twister
  7. Bomb Boy – Cascade Cave Zone, Act 1 and 2
  8. Game Genie Sokolov – Wonder Force
  9. Vim – Elastic Phase
  10. Roboctopus – Slow Motion Sunset
  11. Pain Perdu – Duvet
  12. Nhato – Gekka (Original Mix)
  13. surfalone – Soul Machine (Nagz Remix)
  14. ionnalee – NOT HUMAN (TRST remix)
  15. Michael Weber – Midnight Withdrawal
  16. HWLS – Epsilon
  17. KORINE – Sweet Misery
  18. Garcy – 祈り-pray-
  19. Michael Geyre, Shinichi Sakamoto – Monster-Town
  20. Keiichi Okabe – 戦争ト戦争
  21. Manaka Kataoka, Yasuaki Iwata – Hateno Village (Day)
  22. Ryuichi Sakamoto – andata
  23. Fearofdark – Exit Plan

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