Radio OverCoat #220 (2017-03-15): When Life Gives You Lemon Demons


I was about halfway into doing another cyberpunk special tonight, having finally gotten my Snatcher double LP from Ship to Shore & Yetee a few days prior, but it turned into a giant J-fusion playlist instead. It’s just as well since One Night in Neo-Kobe is one of my favorite songs ever and the likes of T-Square and Casiopea’s music sit well right alongside it in a playlist. Also a good reminder to get my turntable hooked up to the mixer & play some of my vinyls someday. I also had some pretty great chiptunes this week from Sean Evans doing Sonic Mania covers. Read on for the full playlist:

  1. Billy Idol – Manifesto
  2. Konami Kukeiha Club – One Night in Neo-Kobe
  3. RoeTaKa – The Legend of Zelda. Breath of the Wild – The Champion of Hyrule
  4. Garcy – Aeolus
  5. Yoko Ueno – Shizugokoro
  6. Josh Cottam – A New Family Robot!
  7. virt – sorcerors battle
  8. Sean Evans – Mirage Saloon (Chaotix)
  9. 空と海と風と – いそかま ~F1~
  10. Ryu Umemoto – Battle Scene 1
  11. Konami Kukeiha Club – Tear Stained Eyes
  12. stinkbug – wanderer
  13. Sean Evans – Studiopolis (Chaotix)
  14. T-Square – Route 405
  15. Yousuke Yasui – Superhero
  16. COSMOS – Keep On Smiling
  17. T-Square – Prime
  18. Casiopea & Jimsaku – Songo De Go Go
  19. Lemon Demon – Really Cool Wig
  20. Paperwhite – Human Nature (Great Good Fine Ok Remix)
  21. Parks Burton – Lemon Lime
  22. October Child – Heelflip
  23. Konami Kukeiha Club – Pleasure of Tension
  24. Neil Cicierega – Wallspin
  25. coax quax bounce
  26. XTC – Scarecrow People
  27. Yasushi Ishii – If you’re going to war, fight with bows, spears and swords!
  28. Ryuichi Sakamoto & David Sylvian – Bamboo House
  29. Neil Cicierega – Like Tears in Chocolate Rain
  30. Treow(逆衝動P) – Hysteresis feat.やなぎなぎ


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