Radio OverCoat #210 (2016-03-22): Man’s Berdst Friend


Howdy folks! Been a while since Radio OverCoat and I was getting REALLY antsy to play some new tracks that weren’t Touhou for once, especially something from Danimal’s new album, Lunaria. Since I typically work on Sundays I’ve only been able to do Touhou Tuesday for a while, and while I definitely enjoy the music still, variation is always a good thing. I decided to turn one two-hour show into 2 hour-long shows dividing my format in half, with ROC in the beginning and TT for the 2nd half. It was actually kinda nice, so I might stick with it if I can, even if it’s only an hour. I could only have one 13 minute song this time D: Read on for the (short) playlist:

  1. Danimal Cannon – Long Live The New Fresh
  2. Snail’s House – Ma Chouchoute
  3. transient – take a trip and never leave the farm
  4. Tesla Boy – Nothing
  5. Mitch Murder – Prime Operator
  6. stinkbug – wanderer
  7. Livetune – Tell Your World (Snail’s House Remix)
  8. AbJo – Fade
  9. Chouchou – gravity
  10. submerse x lee (asano + ryuhei) – primm
  11. ilkae – Negative VGA (II)

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