GameFuel #157: Luminous (Patreon’s Choice Special #3 – Shining Series)


The Patreon’s Choice this month comes courtesy of Christopher S., who suggested a playlist dedicated to the Shining series!

If YOU want to have a chance at selecting an upcoming playlist theme for GameFuel, simply become a $3 patron today!

1. GaMetal – Acoustic Short Circus Tent (Shining Force [GEN] :: Personal Website)
2. Taika – Down in the Dungeon Just Creatures and Me (Shining in the Darkness [GEN] :: OverClocked ReMix)

3. Motoaki Takenouchi – The Another Story of Shining Force (Shining Force [GEN] :: VGMdb)
4. GrayLightning – Armageddon (Shining Force [GEN] :: OverClocked ReMix)
5. Shnabubula – Frontline (Shining Force Gaiden: Final Conflict [GG] :: Bandcamp)

6. Fragile Online – Legend of Light ~ Far Journey Call (Shining Force II [GEN])
7. Mecha B.E.A.R. – Fairy Forest (Shining Force II [GEN] :: VGMdb)
8. AMIGO IGA – TOWN (Shining Force II [GEN] :: YouTube)

9. Random Battles – A Death in Rindo (Shining Force [GEN] :: Bandcamp)
10. Final Link – Dying Wishes [LSDJ Gameboy Cover] (Shining Force II [GEN] :: YouTube)
11. FFmusic Dj, SGX – Force of Light (Shining Force III [SAT] :: OverClocked ReMix)

12. Motoi Sakuraba – Endless Winter (Shining the Holy Ark [SAT] :: VGMdb)
13. Quinn Fox – Five-Sided Square (Shining Force CD [SCD] :: OverClocked ReMix)
14. Konami – Lively Town (Shining Force II [GEN] :: Bandcamp)

15. Rida Mukhtar – City Theme (Shining Force [GEN] :: YouTube)
16. Hiroki Kikuta – World of Happiness [Ending] (Shining Hearts [PSP] :: VGMdb)
17. GameMusicFinland – A Light Shining in the Darkness (Shining in the Darkness [GEN] :: YouTube)

18. Connor Engstrom – Shining Force (Shining Force [GEN] :: YouTube)
19. SnappleMan – RUN YOU FAERIES! (Shining the Holy Ark [SAT] :: VGMix Archive)

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