Radio OverCoat 2014-03-12: But It’s a Beautiful Day So, Good Luck!


Yamajet – Overture

Hal – Daytona USA – Let’s Go Away (Megurine Luka Ver.)

Haruomi Hosono & OverCoat – Sports Men (FM and Original Mashup)

Yellow Magic Orchestra – Taiso

Jeff Ball – Workout Montage

virt – gym training montage

sweez – Blue Manbow

xoc – Forest Theme

そよもぎ – Planet MIXTURE

livetune – Panorama Future (instrumental)

Dixie Flatline – Gemini ( Feat. Topi )

DECO*27 – 過去世

DECO*27 – 今日生まれる君 明日生まれる僕

buzzG – 御名前

Yellow Magic Orchestra – Citizens Of Science

hunz – clone it.

funkymuskrat – chip implant

sta – The Sun

Futamint – Aquaplanet

ワタソン家の塩 PART2 – Melrah

AVTechNO! feat. 巡音ルカ – free

baker – 夏に去りし君を想フ

Glome – Cloudy Park (Glome Remix)

橋鼠 – 世紀の大怪盗と捜査官の憂鬱

高橋幸宏 – スポーツマン

livetune feat. 初音ミク – our music

guna – Dream of an Icy Sea

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