Nitro Game Injection #250: McRib and Let Die (11th Anniversary Special)


Nitro Game Injection streams LIVE on video for the first time! Kyle and Larry are joined by SLiDER along with special appearances by Mae, Abadoss, WillRock, Rexy, and Sir_NutS.

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1. AutoReMi-PK – Future Heroine Guitar Assassin DX (arrangement of ‘CHORD WOMAN (FUTURE HEROINE GUITAR ASSASSIN)’ :: )
2. Danimal Cannon – Lucca (arrangement of ‘Fanfare 1’ from Chrono Trigger [SNES] :: )

3. Jivemaster – Nitro Game Inject Me (Into My Veins) (arrangement of ‘CHORD WOMAN (FUTURE HEROINE GUITAR ASSASSIN)’ :: )
4. virt – Sky High (arrangement of music from Aero Blasters [PCE] :: )
5. hoha – Stoner Turtles (arrangement of music from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game [NES] :: )

6. Hellion Sounds – Fighting of the Spirit from Tales of Phantasia (arrangement of ‘Fighting of the Spirit’ from Tales of Phantasia :: )
7. DusK – Flight of Ariane (arrangement of ‘CHORD WOMAN (FUTURE HEROINE GUITAR ASSASSIN)’ :: )
8. AMT – Broken Legs (arrangement of ‘Metal Harbor’ from Sonic Adventure 2 [DC] and Sky Chase Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 [GEN] :: )

9. Rukunetsu – Network Is Searching (arrangement of ‘Forest Stage’, ‘Network Is Spreading’ from Mega Man Battle Network 3: Blue Version [GBA] :: )
10. Pongball – Chord Cougar (arrangement of ‘CHORD WOMAN (FUTURE HEROINE GUITAR ASSASSIN)’ :: )
11. Diggi Dis, djpretzel – Slow Your Roll (arrangement of ‘Armored Armadillo Stage’ from Mega Man X [SNES] :: )

12. Hiroshi Tanabe – Darkman Stage from ROCKMAN5 (arrangement of ‘Proto Man’s Fortress’ from Mega Man 5 [NES] :: )
13. Sir Jordanius – FML (If I Could Drift Away) (arrangement of ‘The Legendary Theme (Acoustic Version~Ropeland Mix)’ from Gitaroo Man [PS2] :: )

14. Hiroki Kikuta – Vivid (original work from Alphabet Planet :: )
15. Viking Guitar – Stay with Me (arrangement of music from ‘The Fountain’ [Film] :: )
16. David L. Puga – Chord Woman (DLP Version) (arrangement of ‘CHORD WOMAN (FUTURE HEROINE GUITAR ASSASSIN)’ :: )

17. T-Square feat. Kyoji Yamamoto – Knight’s Song (arrangement of ‘Moon Over the Castle’ from Gran Turismo [PS1] :: )
18. Eino Keskitalo – Sointujen nainen, tulevaisuus sankaritar kitara salamurhaaja (arrangement of ‘CHORD WOMAN (FUTURE HEROINE GUITAR ASSASSIN)’ :: )
19. HAL – Let’s Go Away [Megurine Luka Ver.] (arrangement of ‘Let’s Go Away’ from Daytona USA [Arcade] :: )

20. Stemage feat. Manami Matsumae – Putting the Beacons to Bed (original work from In Flux :: )
21. Sir NutS – Nitro Game Extended (arrangement of ‘CHORD WOMAN (FUTURE HEROINE GUITAR ASSASSIN)’ :: )
22. Professor Shyguy feat. Mega Ran, brentalfloss, K-Murdock, Sammus – No Diggity (from Rhythm & Bloops :: )

23. Turtle Soup Injection – It’s Pizza Time! (arrangement of ‘Memory’ from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time [SNES] :: NGI EXCLUSIVE)
24. Prince Of Darkness – Grant Henry’s Flesh Crystal (medley arrangement of Super Metroid [SNES] :: )
25. jmr – Ariane’s Lullaby (Christmas Demo) (arrangement of ‘CHORD WOMAN (FUTURE HEROINE GUITAR ASSASSIN)’ :: )


  1. Thanks for the reply! I think I sent the email to the right place. The email is the same as the username :3 Oh, and which remix did you find?

  2. That game definitely has a great soundtrack. If you send us an email at podcast(at), we’ll get you a game code!

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