Radio OverCoat 2012.02.22 – Life Support


A few technical difficulties interrupted my show tonight, cutting it a bit short, but valiant heroes TrueStar and KyleJCrb intervened and the evil Admiral Tucker was defeated, and we narrowly avoided YET ANOTHER robot uprising. Thanks, guys! Read on for the playlist.

Tesla Boy – Liberating Soul

Billy Idol – Power Junkie

Real Fish – Bit Walk

Neil D Voss – Flat out lies

Karsten Koch – dkiller-title

Yellow Magic Orchestra – U-T

Die Hard Cafe – Answering Machine

칵스(The Koxx ) – Fire Fox

Yuyoyuppe – Melting Time

Romeo Knight – Last-1 Left

ジャムン (jamun ) – 星夢アストロラーベ

artificial sweetener

shiny red star

Wonderful★opportunity! – 8HIT

Yuyoyuppe – 月夜に舞う想い

otetsu – Color

nagz – loud year

Reptile & Sky – Outrun 2000 rmx

Ryuichi Sakamoto – Plastic Bamboo

Siren – Shared Dig

YM – 交感ノート

otetsu – 才溢れ、欠落者

Tesla Boy – In Your Eyes (Volta Cab Remix )

alexey v – hundred miles


Loituma – Kun Mun Kultani Tulisi / Missing him

Ryuichi Sakamoto – Rain

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