Nitro Beef Injection #187: The Power of the Meat (Meat Special )


It’s a show about MEAT! Beef, chicken, pork, and even duck and fish (c’mon, don’t kid yourself; it’s a meat ) are the order of the day on this episode of Nitro Game Injection! The trio also argue over the merits of pepperoni on pizza, crown bacon as their meat of choice, challenge each other to eat meats they haven’t tried before, as well as tons of other hot, meaty discussion. They also take a listen to tracks by Masaya Matsura, goat, Nousentre, The Smash Brothers, Gryzor87, Starship Amazing, and more!

Slider also pays tribute to the insanity of PETA by humoring Kyle’s request of putting KNGI mascot Ariane in a Tanooki Suit. IT IS AWESOME.

1. Josh Whelchel, Melinda Hershey – Power of the Meat (arrangement of ‘Betus Blues (Ch 2 Light World )’, ‘Forest Funk (Ch 1 Light World )’ from Super Meat Boy [XB360/PS3/PC] :: )

2. Masaya Matsuura – Toasty Buns (from Parappa The Rapper 2 [PS2] Original Soundtrack :: )
3. Eric’s Little Shack – Burgertime (arrangement of music from Burgertime [Arcade] :: )
4. goat – Feeding Frenzy (arrangement of ‘Energy Zone’ from Contra [NES] :: )

5. Roadkill – Into The Zone (arrangement of music from Comix Zone [GEN] :: )
6. Steve Kirk – Sausage Factory (from Voodoo Vince [XBOX] Original game music Soundtrack :: )

7. Powerglove – The Duck Grinder (arrangement of music from Duck Hunt [NES] :: )
8. Nousentre – Mystery Meat (arrangement of ‘E2M9’ from Doom [PC] :: )

9. Steve Emney, Stephen Root, Greg Bone, Lee Pomeroy – Chicken George (from Burnout Paradise [XB360/PS3/PC] Soundtrack :: ) )
10. Rozovian – Beef vs. Chicken (arrangement of ‘Blizzard Buffalo Stage’ from Mega Man X3 [SNES] and ‘Overdrive Ostrich Stage’ from Mega Man X2 [SNES] :: )

11. The Smash Brothers – ONETT (arrangement of ‘Onett’ from Earthbound [SNES] :: )
12. Daniel Baranowsky – Clubbed Baby VVVVVVeal (arrangement of ‘Pushing Onwards’ from VVVVVV [PC] :: )

13. Machinae Supremacy – Erecta My Hamburger Baby (from Jets’n’Guns [PC] Official Soundtrack :: )
14. Gryzor87 – Sewer Of Meat (arrangement of music from Splatterhouse [XB360/PS3] :: )

15. AKOUST, Naoya Saitoh – farm (arrangement of ‘Moo Moo Farm’ from Mario Kart 64 [N64] :: )
16. Shogo Sakai – Porky’s Theme (arrangement of ‘Pokey’s Theme’ from MOTHER 3 [GBA] :: )

17. Jug – Little Pig (from Destruction Derby 2 [PS1/PC] :: )
18. Mari Yamaguchi, Tsutomu Kurihara – Cybersheep’s Dream (arrangement of ‘Sheep Man Stage’ from Mega Man 10 [XB360/PS3/WII] :: )

19. RAVEMAN feat Terry T & S. Jodi – i luv hamburgers (from Bust A Move [PS1] Original Soundtrack :: )
20. Prince of Darkness – Groovy Taco Bell Bacon Club Chalupa Town (arrangement of ‘Burning Town’ from Shantae: Risky’s Revenge :: )

21. Masaya Matsuura – Cheap Cheap The Cooking Chicken’s RAP (from Parappa The Rapper [PS1] Original Soundtrack :: )
22. Anamanaguchi – Sushi Box (from SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD: THE GAME [XB360/PS3] Soundtrack :: )
23. Starship Amazing – Burgers Every Day (Original work from ‘Thatz a Rap’ :: )
24. GrayLightning, Liontamer – Pigskin Power (arrangement of music(? ) from Madden NFL 2005 [PS2/XBOX/GCN/PC] :: )

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