Nitro Game Injection #306: Carbohydrated M’s


This week, NGI features selections from GaMetal’s new Dreamland Invasion album, checks out some tracks from OCR’s Castlevania: Cacophony of Incarnation compo, heads down the alley to find VGM remixer legend CarboHydroM, celebrates some of April’s gaming anniversaries, takes a dose of the latest Dwelling of Duels, and more!

1. WillRock – Nitroglycerin Injection (Theme of KNGI :: Bandcamp)
2. Juan Medrano – Sword of God (Jeanne d’Arc [PSP] :: OverClocked ReMix)

FEATURED ALBUM: GaMetal – Dreamland Invasion :: Bandcamp
3. GaMetal – Revenge of Meta Knight Medley (Kirby Super Star [SNES])
4. GaMetal – Money Machine [vs. President Haltmann] (Kirby: Planet Robobot [3DS])
5. GaMetal – D3 [King Dedede Medley] Kirby Super Star [SNES], Kirby Super Star Ultra [DS], Kirby Star Allies [SWI])
6. GaMetal – Zero-Two [Acoustic] (Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards [N64])

COMPO CORNER – Castlevania: Cacophony of Incarnation 2016 :: OverClocked ReMix forums
7. Jorito, Tuberz McGee – This Wicked Heart Of Mine (Castlevania [NES])
8. OA – Legacy of Darkness (Castlevania [NES])
9. Jorito – Nosferatu’s Waltz (Castlevania [NES])

10. The Mad Gear – Boomer Kuwanger [Live at Mad Gear HQ] (Mega Man X [SNES] :: YouTube)
11. Extra Lives – Menu Theme & Game Start (Blades of Steel [NES] :: YouTube)
12. prozax – BUTTS (Detana!! TwinBee [PC-E] :: OverClocked ReMix)

ARTIST ALLEY – Christophe “CarboHydroM” Blondel :: Artist website
13. CarboHydroM – Retro Scrambled (Ku-u-ga: Operation Code ‘Vapor Trail’ [SMD])
14. CarboHydroM – Stride Of Thunder (Shadow of the Colossus [PS2])
15. CarboHydroM – Rockin’ Donk City (Super Mario Odyssey [SWI])
16. CarboHydroM – For Shovelry (Shovel Knight [MULTIPLAT])

APRIL BIRTHDAY BOWOUT – Gaming’s Milestone Anniversaries for April
17. Playing With Power! – Level 2 (Bad Dudes [NES] :: Bandcamp)
18. Professor Sakamoto – Okikurmi the Hero [Professor Sakamoto Retro Version] (Okami [WII] :: VGMdb)
19. Hylian Lemon – Fog Factory R:TS Mix (Mario Kart Wii [WII] :: ReMix:ThaSauce)
20. Mazedude – Dolls from Hell (The 7th Guest [PC] :: OverClocked ReMix)
21. Psycho Crusher – Shinra’s Soul (Ikaruga [PC/360] :: Bandcamp)
22. PokérusVGM – God Betrays! (Golden Sun: The Lost Age [GBA] :: Bandcamp)
23. Harmony – Spies Like Us (Spy Hunter [ARC])

DOSE OF DUELS – Entries for March 2018 Free Month :: Dwelling of Duels
24. Hat – Manifesting Aliens [How Do I Save My Game????] (NieR: Automata [PS4/PC])
25. Rifftus – Atlantis Burns Under A Lunar Eclipse (Alien Crush [TG-16], Chrono Trigger [SNES], G. I. Joe: The Atlantis Factor [NES], Mega Man 4 [NES])
26. Czyszy – Wicked Sisters (The Great Giana Sisters {C64], Castlevania [NES])
27. Game Over – Fly WBM2. 0 (F-Zero [SNES])

28. Sir J – Booyah Base (Splatoon [WIIU] :: YouTube)
29. insaneintherainmusic – Jazzy NYC ’99 (Street Fighter III: Third Strike [ARC] :: YouTube)

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