Nitro Game Injection #184: Downward Thrust (featuring Jay Pavlina )


Kyle, Larry, and Slider are joined this week by a very special guest: Exploding Rabbit‘s Jay Pavlina; a filmmaker, musician, and the mastermind behind the incredible game Super Mario Bros. Crossover. They also check out new releases from A_Rival, CarboHydroM, halc, and Thunder Thouin; classic tracks from Ryan8bit, dimmer, and ilp0; as well as a number of selections from the Unsung Heroes OverClocked ReMix arrangement album. Also features an exclusive Blaster Master SNES-style remix by Mathew Valente, which will be featured in the upcoming update for Super Mario Bros. Crossover!


1. The Big Band of Rogues, Koji Kondo – Medley of Super Mario Bros. (medley arrangement of Super Mario Bros. [NES] :: )
2. A_Rival – TMNT 2012 (arrangement of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Theme [Animation] :: )

3. halc – Zero-G (Original work :: )
4. ilp0 – Moisturor (arrangement of ‘Swimming BGM’ :: )

5. Mathew Valente – Blaster Master SNES (arrangement of ‘Area 1’ from Blaster Master [NES] :: Exclusive for Super Mario Bros. Crossover )

6. CarboHydroM – Return To The Void (arrangement of Thunder Force 3 [GEN] :: )
7. Ryan8bit – Looming Nightmare (arrangement of ‘Overworld BGM’ from Super Mario Bros. 2 [NES] :: )

8. Thunder Thouin – Deforestation (arrangement of ‘Forest of Evil Spirits (Stage 2 BGM )’ from Super Castlevania IV [SNES] :: )
9. Vampire Hunter Dan – The Village of Decay for String Quartet (arrangement of ‘2nd BGM’ from Ghouls’n Ghosts :: )

10. dimmer – Underworld Rock (arrangement of ‘Underworld BGM’ from Super Mario Bros. [NES] :: )
11. Ferdk – Code Veronica Medley (medley arrangement of Resident Evil: Code Veronica [DC] :: )

12. Level 99 – Family Legacy (arrangement of ‘Inn & House Theme’ from Legacy of the Wizard [NES] :: )
13. Yusuke Takahama – Bowser’s Castle/Boss Fortress (arrangement of Super Mario World/Super Mario Bros. 3 [SNES/NES] :: )

14. OA, DragonAvenger – Autumn Painter (arrangement of ‘Prelude’ from Luminous Arc :: )
15. A Rival, Kirby Pufocia – TMNT 2012 – I Wanna Be a Ninja Turtle (arrangement of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [NES] :: )


  1. This episode was interesting to listen to, there’s a lot of information on SMC2 and the back story was interesting as well. (I love hearing about how things come to fruition ).

    Thanks for the positive feedback on the snes blaster master arrangement, I was very worried about it’s reception. I’m also curious to know what I did to be hated by Larry so much! Heh!

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