Radio OverCoat 2012.02.01 – SEE! OverCoat in Space!


This week on Radio OverCoat, I had a space theme, cause I ran out of ideas and decided to just steal NoiseChannel’s theme from last week. So here you go! Not entirely limited to chiptunes either, though I did throw some in there 😀

Machinae Supremacy – SpacePunX

RAH Band – Clouds Across The Moon

JH Sounds – Feel the Sun

Aleksi Eeben – Avaruusmiehen välisoitto (Spaceman’s Interlude )

CleanTears – ヴォヤージュ1969

darkhalo – Airlock

TWRP – Technobama

Yukihiro Takahashi – This Island Earth

Miami Horror – Moon Theory

housethegrate – Take a Trip

Tyler Heath – Orion

Aleksi Eeben – Avaruusmies ja avaruusnainen (Spaceman and Spacewoman )

Beatdrop – Redshift

凛 – Eientewi set 11 〜 ヴォヤージュ1969

Capsule – space station no.9

Famicompo mini vol.8 – Thunderforce 4 Omake 2

competor – Plan 0 From Outer Space

Trev Wignall – Terminal Velocity

Lemm – Fictitiousphere

Aleksi Eeben – Avaruusmiehen toinen matka (Spaceman’s Second Expedition )

Jake “virt” Kaufman – The Butt Boss

tip & firefox of phenomena – enigma

troupe – astrojack

zabutom – Blast off into Space

Jake Kaufman – BGM – Whoa I’m In Space Cuba

Aleksi Eeben – Avaruusmiehen lyhyt matka (Spaceman’s Little Expedition )

iroha feat. 鏡音リン – 炉心融解

geppei-taro – 光の雨

Keiichi Suzuki – Earthbound – Venus Live!

Yoko Kanno – Space Lion

Pixel – Moonsong

Jon Hallur – Below the Asteroids

Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto – Moon

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