Nitro Game Injection #158: Adrenaline (Frank Klepacki 20 Year Tribute Special )


In NGI’s very first dedicated composer tribute episode, Kyle & Larry (Slider is away this week ) sit down with the man, the myth, the legendary Frank Klepacki, who has been in the video game industry for 20 years, composing for big-name franchises like Command & Conquer and Star Wars. Klepacki gives a ton of insight into his two-decade career, unveils some exclusive news about his next solo project, and more. The guys also check out music spanning Klepacki’s entire career, with samples from some soundtracks that he’s worked on, as well as arrangements from Prince of Darkness, Ryan8bit, and Scott Peeples!


1. Prince of Darkness – Hell March to the Apocalypse (arrangement of ‘Hell March’ and ‘HM2’ from Command & Conquer: Red Alert 1 & 2 [PC] :: )
2. Frank Klepacki – Prepare For Battle (from Command & Conquer [PC] Original Soundtrack :: )
3. Frank Klepacki – The Unveiling (from Star Wars Empire at War: Forces of Corruption [PC] Original Soundtrack :: )
4. Ryan8bit – Ominous Cavern (arrangement of Legend of Kyrandia [PC] :: )
5. Frank Klepacki – Viratia – Overpower (Original work :: )
6. Frank Klepacki – Infiltrator – Ownage (Original work :: )
7. Frank Klepacki – Rocktronic – Rocktronic (Original work :: )
8. Scott Peeples – On the Prowl Redux (arrangement of ‘On the Prowl’ from Command & Conquer [PC] :: )
9. Frank Klepacki – Credits UAW Remix Suite (from Universe At War: Earth Assault [PC] Original Soundtrack :: )

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