Frank Klepacki 20 Year Tribute & Interview Special on Nitro Game Injection – 7/3/2011

This weekend, Nitro Game Injection will be paying tribute to the world famous Frank Klepacki, legendary composer behind Westwood Studios’ Command & Conquer series, as well a ton of other projects such as Dragon Strike on the NES, classic PC adventure game Legend of Kyrandia, Star Wars: Universe at War,  and the upcoming End of Nations. Frank himself sits down with Kyle and Larry for an exclusive interview like only NGI can give, featuring over 80 minutes of insight in his career, starting from the early years at Westwood all the way through his current work at Petroglyph Studios, as well as an exclusive reveal about Frank’s new solo project! Join us as we present the interview live, listen to some of the best music spanning Frank’s career and also check out some excellent arrangements of his work. Miss out at your own peril!

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