Nitro Game Injection #134: Maffew Game Injection (featuring Maffew )


Matt “Maffew” Gregg of Botchamania joins the NGI crew to talk shop on his unlikely love of both video game music and professional wrestling, but Kyle gets completely lost as Larry and Matt discuss wrestling for OVER 3 HOURS. Special shoutouts to AkumuHau, The Spoony One, The Iron Sheik, and The Minibosses, and be sure to check out the Botchamania panel at MAGFest 9!


1. T-Square – Moon Over The Castle GT5 Version (from Gran Turismo 5 Original Game Soundtrack [PS3] :: )
2. Ryan8bit – Down for the Count (medley arrangement of Pro Wrestling [NES] :: )
3. The Megas – You’ve Sparked A War (arrangement of ‘Spark Man Stage’ from Mega Man 3 :: )
4. Sole Signal, Nekofrog – Malevolent Mansion (arrangement of ‘Mad Monster Mansion’ from Banjo-Kazooie [N64] :: )
5. Spencer Nilsen, David Young – Quartz Quadrant (from Sonic CD [SCD] :: )
6. weeemeee – Mega Man 3 Stage Select mix (arrangement of ‘Stage Select’ from Mega Man 3 [NES] :: )
7. jdproject – The Ken Song (arrangement of ‘Ken Stage’ from Street Fighter II [Arcade] :: )
8. Rize – The Desert Scourge (arrangement from Scourge: Hive [GBA] :: )
9. jmr – Through The Ringer [remix] (Original from Skywave Effect :: )
10. Dj Mokram – Fierce Melancholy of the Woods (arrangement of ‘Mysterious Forest’ from Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening [GB] :: )
11. George & Jonathan – No Ya Not & No Ya Didn’t (Original from The Best Music :: )
12. Rayza vs. Katy Perry – California Whirls (Shinobi III [GEN]/California Girls mashup :: & )
13. Nase – Step Off My Flower Bed (arrangement of ‘Calm Before the Storm’ and ‘Danger’ from Secret of Mana [SNES] :: )
14. tenchux – Ending (arrangement from Super Metroid [SNES] :: )
15. The Megas – Super Fighting Robot (Mega Man ) (arrangement of Mega Man US cartoon theme :: )
16. Masaya Matsuura – All Master’s RAP (from Parappa The Rapper Original Soundtrack :: )


  1. Nice show you got here! Just for the record, the song I released on OCR in 08 was originally a DoD entry as well (3rd place in Oct 07, Castlevania month (apparently I also like 3rd place ) ). The OCR review process takes so long it really has to be an afterthought for me. The payoff is too non-immediate to motivate me! In any case, I probably won’t vanish again for a while.

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