Nitro Game Injection #113: Revenge of the Podcast


WE’RE BACK! After days of hinting at new activity surrounding Nitro Game Injection, the show has officially returned! This time, the show will be released in a podcast format, once every few weeks. KyleJCrb has also gotten a new co-host, Larry “Liontamer” Oji of VG Frequency and OverClocked ReMix. In this episode, the two of them discuss the latest happenings in the VG music community, punch djpretzel in the face, play and banter about great music,  and more! Hit the jump for the download and show notes/playlist.

Show Notes:

[3:09] Host Segment 1 – Kyle announces the return of Nitro Game Injection, Introduces his new co-host Liontamer (Larry Oji ), and mentions that it has been OVAR NINE THOUSAND times since NGI has been revived. They discuss the Twitter Phenomenon (Follow @KyleJCrb, @LarryOji and @OcReMix! ), NGI’s redesigned website, Kyle’s takeover of the Super Dodge Ball project, and the release of the Summoning of Spirits album, OverClocked’s latest project. [Background music: Final Fantasy V [SNES] – Pirates Ahoy!]

[30:49] Host Segment 2 – Kyle and Larry urge MegaRan and Lie Mf B to submit to OCR. Also talking about Dwelling of Duels and their first five years, and CarboHydroMs track. Larry and Kyle discuss the brilliance behind F-Zero, Sonic’s downfall and potential recovery with The Black Knight. [Background music: F-Zero [SNES] – Silence]

[60:28] Host Segment 3 – Kyle admits he sucks at Mega Man games. Nekofrog’s track is the first track on OCR to remix the main battle theme from Chrono Trigger, which both Kyle and Larry find strange that it took so long for one to show up. They also discuss the epic shitpile that is Cheetah Men II, some insight on how long that JigginJonT/zyko collab took to get together, and Kyle expresses his HATRED of Ice Crap Zone. Hydrocity FTW! [Background music: Super Castlevania 4 [SNES] – Theme of Simon Belmont]

[84:51] Host Segment 4 – Larry loses his respect for Kyle, not that he had much in the first place. The new posts on OCR are rockin’, and the hosts are happy to see ilp0 cover an underappreciated game like Gun.Smoke. They also discuss the difficulty in trying to flesh out remixes of music from newer video games, Avaris’ Breakbeat Market remix and its removal from the Around the World project, relatively unknown remixers like GuitarBizarre, and musicalman, who shares a first name with OCReMixer PriZm (Kyle mistakenly said that PriZm and Christian Pacaud work at Ubisoft Vancouver; it’s actually Ubisoft Montreal. Oops. ), the upcoming Rocked N’ Loaded: Contra 4 ReMix Album by SnappleMan, Prince of Darkness and others, the Street Fighter 2 HD ReMix original soundtrack, the hilarity of the upcoming songs’ title, and Nario. [Background music: Super Street Fighter 2 – Cammy’s Theme and Zangief’s Theme]

[119:26] Host Segment 5 – Breaking the game discussion with talk about The Dark Night and its brilliance, but then drop back into it by announcing that chthonic and halc’s Super Mario World remix passed OCRs judges panel, and the rarity of live collaborations outside of bands. Larry and Kyle also urge more folks to submit their tracks to OCR, and remix games that have otherwise been getting very little love. Kyle makes a proposal: Remix Daytona USA, Cruis’n USA, or Super OffRoad and get it on OCR and he will give you five bucks. The guys lament about Street Fighter 2’s classic punch-out opening and how it’s missing from SF2HD, Larry wants to punch djpretzel in the face, so Kyle suggests that Larry and djpretzel recreate the Street Fighter 2 intro and put it on film. They also discuss vertexguy’s soundtrack resume, more discussion on norg’s song title, more discussion of Sonic & The Black Knight, and the polarization of the newer Sonic game soundtracks. [Background music: Sonic Crackers – Walkin’ and Sonic Spinball – Toxic Caves]

[155:03] Host Segment 6 – Props to Dwelling of Duels for bringing much coverage to the Dragon Warrior series, RPG hate, Larry sings Daytona, StarFox, pronounciation of “Machinae”, and closing the show. Thanks for checking it out! [Background music: k – Moon Over the Castle from “Gran Turismo”]

[182:10] {stinger}



1. [0:19] Masahiro Andoh – Gran Turismo 4 Moon Over The Castle ~Orchestral Version~ (from Gran Turismo 4 Original Game Soundtrack:: )
2. [18:14] Sixto Sounds, Dhsu – The Unholy Wars (arrangement of “Fighting of the Spirit” from Tales of Phantasia [SNES] :: )
3. [23:20] CarboHydroM – White Feather In The Storm (arrangement of “Wind Garden” from Super Mario Galaxy [Wii] :: )
4. [27:11] Mega Ran, Motherpluckin’ B – Boss Battle: Jewel Man (arrangement of “Jewel Temptation” from Mega Man 9 [Wii/XB360/PS3] :: and )
5. [49:29] Tony Thai – Fire Field (arrangement of Fire Field from F-Zero [SNES] :: )
6. [52:22] Nekofrog – Fight for Our Future! (arrangement of “Battle 1″ from Chrono Trigger [SNES] :: )
7. [56:55] JigginJonT, ptitteri, zyko – Magnet Missles (arrangement of “Magnet Man” from Mega Man 3 [NES] :: and )
8. [73:30] Prince Of Darkness, Guitar Bizarre – Sonic Gargles with Garden Marbles (arrangement of “Marble Garden Zone” from Sonic The Hedgehog 3 [Genesis] :: )
9. [77:52] Avaris – Breakbeat Market (arrangement of “Team China” from Super Dodge Ball [NES] :: )
10. [81:22] ilp0 – Space Cowboy (arrangement from Gun.Smoke :: )
11. [107:54] norg – Allen O’Neil and Nario Take an Afternoon Stroll Through a Field of Poppies for a Picnic Lunch of Wine, Cheese, and Whale Face (medley arrangement of Metal Slug [Arcade] :: )
12. [111:22] vertexguy – Frets of Fury (arrangement of “Opening Demo” from Street Fighter II [Arcade] :: )
13. [113:42] chthonic, halc – Why So Serious? (arrangement of “Main BGM #1″ from Super Mario Land [GameBoy] :: )
14. [145:07] Crush 40 – Knight of the Wind (from Face to Faith: Sonic & The Black Knight Vocal Trax :: )
15. [149:35] Master Hatchet – Armada (arrangement of “Armada” from StarFox [SNES] )
16. [152:53] Ryan8Bit – My Joy is Thy Destruction (arrangement of “Challenge of the Brave” from Dragon Quest III [NES] :: )
17. Machinae Supremacy – Bionic Commando (arrangement of “Main Theme” from Bionic Commando [NES/C64] :: )
18. Armcannon – BhostGusters (arrangement of “Ghostbusters Theme” :: )

Sites mentioned:

OverClocked ReMix:
Peoples’ ReMix Competition:
Peoples’ ReMix Competition:
Around The World – Super Dodge Ball Arrangement Album:
Summoning of Spirits – Tales of Phantasia/Symphonia Album:

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  1. Y’all need to not hate on the RPGs. It’s almost like you’re hating on me!!! D=

    OWAIT That’s the cool thing these days, isn’t it?

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