Nitro Game Injection #106: Not Safe For Anything (featuring SnappleMan )


Note: This week’s show is not for the faint of heart. It truly is NSFW. You have been warned.

NGI shifts gears back to it’s normal format and lays on the offensiveness with a vengance. Andreas “SnappleMan” Kotsamanidis joins us this week for an interview the reveals absolutely nothing about his community influence or contributions, but rather more personal information about himself than you ever wanted or needed to know. We also talk hentai games, take a look at the greatest game arrangement album ever, shine the spotlight on upcoming doujin events, and pay our respects to the late Reuben Kee. All this and more on this edition of Nitro Game Injection!

Notes from the show:

  • A lengthy and very dirty interview with Andreas “SnappleMan” Kotsamanidis which caused us to literally lose nearly all our live listeners
  • The first show in which Akumu fails to specifically mention Last Action Hero
  • A show that not only crosses the line, but takes that line, pisses on it, and crosses it again
  • Check out the C64 Orchestra!
  • Review scores
    housethegrate – Houseworks:
    Kyle – 10/10
    Akumu – 10/10

    Crow’s Claw – Battlefield 1987:
    Kyle – 7/10
    Akumu – 6/10


    Masterpiece – Gran Turismo – Moon Over The Castle
    Ryan8bit – Zelda 2 – All Else Failed
    Piano Forte (Niji On ) – Chrono Trigger – Kaeru Do Amuzu
    Jesus is Dead – Castlevania – Theme of Simon
    Sixto Sounds – Seiken Densetsu 3 – Obsessión Nocturnal
    Bamboo Grass Mountain – Chrono Trigger – Fight against the storm
    Reuben Kee – Street Fighter 2 – Ryu for Four Pianos
    5/4 TAKEPOD – Kanawa nu Omoi ha Yagate Uchuu He
    Mazedude – Earthworm Jim – Keyz to New Junk City
    Iosys – Legend of Zelda – Link in Park
    Alias Jack – StarFox – Corneria
    housethegrate – Leisure Suit Larry – Midnight Cocktails
    Crow’s Claw [Taka] – Final Fantasy 3 – Battle1 #3
    yu-suke, saori – Dear My Friend
    YAMAGEN’S DEVILELIET – Final Fantasy 3 – Eternal Wind
    Kohey Kyou Gakudan – Neppuu! Shippuu! Psybuster!
    Tendo – Aoi Blink
    The NESkimos – Star Wars – Cantina of Fear
    YAMAGEN’S DEVILELIET – Chrono Trigger
    t+pazolite feat. Komi Yamao – Okkusenman! (Hardcore Mix )
    TranquilChaos – True Love – True Punk
    Nitro Game Injection – Interview With Andreas “SnappleMan” Kotsamanidis
    Takayuki Aihara – Street Fighter Alpha EX Plus – Rising Dragoon
    Masanao Akahori – Cybernator – Asteroid Run
    Taro Bando – F-Zero X – Crazy Call at Cry
    norg – Mega Man X – Black Ice
    JEET SINGTH – Romancing SaGa – Battle 2
    Lie Mf B – Mega Man 3 – Quick Boomerang
    LuIzA – Turrican 3 – Main Theme
    Aokiba – Dragon Ball Z: Kyoushuu! Saiya Jin
    Machinae Supremacy – Sidology Episode 2: Trinity

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