Mad Night Speed Show 2008

On the 25th of November, Mad Night Speed Show opened. A doujin event held by White Night. This even consists of 2 nights, the first one on 25th November, the second will be on 23rd December.

This nights lineup is pretty spectacular, with two of my personal favorites entering, and the rest of the artists being very talented and worth a listen. Despite most not being game arrangements, i truly advice to listen through as it is great, not to be missed music.

This night’s lineup is:
01 – Azell [Episodes & Melody] – Crimson Kights [Original]
02 – Zuigu [INDARA] – Seiken Shippu Retsuden -The tree of Nama is planted- [Mana Series]
03 – BREIS [Night Vision] – Break the Hardnesten [Medaton 5]
04 – yu-suke, saori – Dear My Friend [Original]
05 – Kasuga Shizukino [Ahou 2-chome] – A Runaway Bird [AIR]
06 – Xi [Aquaelie] – Bloody Decoration [Original]
07 – HAMASHOW [The Cyber Stage] – Crimson Rider [Original]
08 – Kasuga Shizukino [Ahou 2-chome] – The Convenience Store [Original]
09 – Tomoki [VENUSCORD] – CONVERSION -again- [Original]
10 – Winna Strive [Ark of Phantasm] – Tempest Edge [Original]
11 – YAMAGEN’S DEVILELIET – Eternal Wind [Final Fantasy 3]
12 – Kohey Kyou Gakudan – Neppuu! Shippuu! Psybuster!

yu-suke is joined by his sister, Saori for the best track of the night IMO, she has a very pleasant voice that can remind you of Every Little Thing’s Kaori Mochida. yu-suke has done 2 strong releases in the past with Melody of F and Battle Guy

Yamagen’s entry, Eternal Wind from Final Fantasy 3 was rushed to completion, and sadly it shows. Though still a very good track in true Yamagen style, with some more time maybe it could have been even more mindblowing

Kyou is also a favorite of NGI with his great arrangements. This time he has done a very short arrangement of Psybuster famously sung by Masaaki Endou (I own too many Super Robot Spirits DVD’s ). It’s a shame it is so short, but it’s still good

So please, take time and look at the entries over at White Night

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