Molehill Mountain Episode 64 – Forced Bundle Podcast!


Now you can enjoy this podcast with a bunch of crap you don’t want or need!

  • 19:14 – eSports are probably not coming to the Olympics any time soon
  • 38:09 – GameStop says console bundles are convenient for customers
  • 53:28 – Mario + Rabbids update adds enough content and fixes that makes us question whether it should have been delayed a bit

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use. Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

6:57 PME. Zachary KnightHello Everyone.

6:59 PMCyberjin

7:01 PMCyberjinhi guys

7:01 PMCodeNameZHi people… and Andrew

7:03 PMSeakkennedFinally made it to the beginning of one of these.

7:04 PMSeakkennedPronounced shockened

7:04 PMCodeNameZDid you hear a 400gb micro SD card is out. The biggest micro sd card so far… it also cost $250

7:05 PMCodeNameZI never saw Star Wars

7:05 PMSeakkennedI liked the Star Wars video

7:07 PMNate HiggersHi Andrew, first time viewer

7:07 PMCodeNameZhi Nate

7:08 PMNate Higgers

7:08 PMCodeNameZJason in a speedo

7:09 PMNate Higgersi really like that guy’s hat

7:10 PMTrey Ahzzeim surprised that it wasnt a female making the entrance in swimwear, ah..dude in speedo

7:11 PMSeakkennedWhat game is he talking about?

7:11 PMAndrew EisenStardew Valley

7:11 PMNate Higgersfinal fantasy 6

7:12 PMNate Higgersis hat a rebel flag behind him lol

7:12 PMNate HiggersAn Important Message For All Of My Viewers

7:13 PMAndrew EisenI see a UK flag.

7:13 PMNate HiggersStar Wars Can Do Better Than “A Han Solo Movie”

7:13 PMSeakkennedOh ok,I’ve heard a lot about that game lately.

7:14 PMNate Higgersi loke the green and white flag with the dragon

7:15 PMCodeNameZIreland is not part of UK only nort Ireland

7:18 PMSeakkennedEvery time it storms my power goes out

7:20 PMCodeNameZVideo Games and mutual agreement? Good joke

7:21 PMCodeNameZImage seeing Smash bros on the olimpic

7:21 PM13UcubeI fight to agree to disagree. Couldn’t agree more.

7:23 PM13UcubeIsn’t playing Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics a Summer Sport?

7:27 PMCodeNameZI can see the guys point. Like in my country when PS4 was brand new they used FIFA to promote the PS4.

7:28 PMCodeNameZI would watch Mario Kart at the olimpic

7:30 PMCodeNameZI remerber reading few years ago that someone at the Olimpic suggested Conter Strike and Smash bros Melee

7:30 PMSeakkenned​[message retracted]

7:30 PMCodeNameZAt that time Overwatch was not out

7:33 PMCodeNameZWhy not add something like the e-olimpic. The olimpic games for esport

7:35 PMCodeNameZWhy they nomiated Toy Story for best picture when we know it never win it

7:35 PMSeakkennedI don’t watch any of that stuff either.

7:37 PMBornDistractedi think only the Olympic committee makes a profit from those events…

7:37 PMCodeNameZIn my teen years I watch the olimpic for the female gimansic… for reasons

7:39 PMBornDistractedexcluding the athletes of course

7:39 PMCodeNameZok jokes aside I watch gymnastics even today and wonder “how they do that?”

7:41 PMBornDistractedgamestop bought out the competition, you know the rest…

7:43 PMCodeNameZOK to be honest if I see at Switch sd card and a games bundle I would get it. if it is cheaper to get it that way

7:45 PMCodeNameZIf the bundle is just the all prices combined than….. screw them there are other stores

7:46 PMSeakkennedBut if it comes with stuff that has nothing to do with the Switch,like the Tetris lamp,then that’s some really shady shit.

7:48 PMCodeNameZI understand what you mean, like if the bundle is Switch and Just Dance I knew they did that because they overstock the game and no one got it.

7:49 PMSeakkennedThe SNES is going to be absolute hell to get,I’m going to have to sit outside GameStop for like 3 hours before they open to get it.

7:50 PMCodeNameZIf gamestop bundle the Switch, Sandisk Ultra card and Breath of the Wild at a cheaper price I would get it right away

7:52 PMSeakkennedIs yakuza Kiwami good,I’m thinking about getting it.

7:55 PMTheRiverAnduinanyone getting the fire emblem warriors game?

7:55 PMCodeNameZUsually Ubisoft patches they games. Assasins Creed 4 on Wii U have a big 1gb patch

7:55 PMSeakkennedI am

7:56 PMCodeNameZBosses AI are improved? I did hear bosses can be hard normally

7:57 PMSeakkennedI’m going to be broke as hell in October,because of all the games coming out that month.

8:00 PMCodeNameZIt sounded like it was planned to be a day 1 patch but they needed to delay it for few days

8:02 PMSeakkennedThat’s why I like day one editions of games that have day one editions.

8:06 PMCodeNameZThe stranges update for me was in Mario Kart 8. I think it was 4.1 where it unlocked mirror mode by default… thats all the update just unlocks mirror mode without needing to beat all cups at 150cm

8:06 PMCodeNameZ150cc*

8:08 PMCodeNameZTo be honest SEGA is good to make free to play games. Beside Sonic Jump fever we dont talk about that game

8:10 PMCodeNameZThe MK8 update came a bit after the last DLC pack

8:14 PMCodeNameZI remerber one day I was looking 360 DLC and Sonic And SEGA all stars racing have a “DLC” that unlocks everything to the game. i think it cost $4-$5

8:15 PMBornDistractedthis would suck when it becomes a retro game, you pop in the disc a cant really play it (like if you don’t have the included patches saved)…

8:16 PMCodeNameZYou know there are 4 Warriors game is being made for the Switch at the same time

8:17 PMAndrew EisenWhat are the others?

8:18 PMScottyJayManFire emblem warriors is coming to New 3DS also

8:18 PMBornDistractedcome out and play-yay…

8:18 PMCodeNameZDinasty Warriors 8, Warriors of Orochi Ultra and samurai warriors spirit of sanada

8:18 PMSeakkennedI hope there is a Hyrule Warriors 2

8:20 PMScottyJayManAll hail Linkle!

8:21 PMCodeNameZAlso you hear that FE Warriors will have a 60fps mode?

8:21 PMBornDistracted540p

8:21 PMCodeNameZ640p?

8:23 PMCodeNameZImage 60fps mode undocked

8:23 PMSeakkennedI love the debut review videos

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