Molehill Mountain Episode 228 – Monster Hunter THIGHS


A lot of bare-legged armor in this one.

  • 2:39 – Nintendo is awesome at a great many things! Writing surveys ain’t one of them
  • 14:42 – Do you like legs? Then Monster Hunter Rise’s armor sets are for you!
  • 37:01 – There are two very petty and immature reasons I’m not interested in Monster Hunter Stories 2
  • 40:16 – Don’t worry about the Godzilla vs Kong poster. I fixed the eyelines
  • 43:12 – I try to provide my thoughts on WandaVision but I mostly get sidetracked with other topics

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by Andrew Eisen.  Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use. Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

6:57 PMLynndy Leehey andrew

6:58 PMmatthew wilsonso ms finaly owns bethesda

6:58 PMmatthew wilsonyup we knew that xbox and pc

6:59 PManime momoHello Andrew lovely seeing you again.

6:59 PManime momogoodvibes

6:59 PMFreaKillHey, Andrew! I was about to go to bed, but now I gotta know what’s up with THIGHS 🙂

7:00 PMmatthew wilsonthere is definitly a anti ms bias

7:01 PManime momoNice

7:03 PManime momoMy day was all right (:

7:03 PMFreaKillHiking’s great, nature, fresh air, exercise. Coincidentally, also good for THIGHS 😀

7:09 PMJared Kniselywe get it, its a bad survey

7:10 PMaddictedtochaosJust type N/A

7:12 PMmatthew wilsononline in another thing nintendo is awful at

7:13 PMJared Kniselysurvey do not show good data tho

7:14 PMJared Kniselytoo much manipulation/lack of true audience voice

7:15 PManime momoLol

7:15 PMmatthew wilsonsounds like monster hunter thighs gave you a rise

7:16 PMLynndy Leehaha

7:16 PMReverend Werewolfall hail the thighs

7:17 PMaddictedtochaosI see no problem

7:17 PMmatthew wilsonits anime, armor doesnt make sense as a rule

7:18 PMReverend Werewolftetranodon is the only one that looks bad to me

7:20 PMmatthew wilsonanime pants are ilegal /s

7:21 PMaddictedtochaosI’m looking forward to playing Rise.

7:21 PMFreaKillagree, the green one looks kinda silly – all that bulky armor and a gaping hole in terms of leg protection. Looks like the designer didn’t want to make a boob window but wanted to show skin SOMEWHERE

7:25 PMFreaKilland now I remembered about “NiGHTS Into Dreams” for some reason and it makes me wonder what kind of game “THiGHS” would be

7:26 PMReverend Werewolfim so glad that theres such a diversity in the monsters in this game,world was mostly dragons,subspecies and variants.

7:26 PMmatthew wilsonin 2 weeks yakuza 6(pc) will be out

7:27 PMmatthew wilsonmore dots! 50 dkp minus lol

7:28 PMJared Kniselyhave you seen leather pants

7:29 PMReverend Werewolfim wondering why we havent seen any elder dragons yet with the exception of chameleos.most of the monsters weve seen so far look to be low to mid tier threats.

7:30 PMJared Kniselyi was talking about sexy without skin

7:32 PMmatthew wilsonprity clear we are gunna get a mh world 2 on xsx/ps5 and pc

7:32 PMmatthew wilsonits no joke to say mh world saved capcom

7:32 PMofficialMXepic stream

7:33 PMReverend Werewolfi really want to hunt lagiacrus,hope hes in the game.

7:33 PMofficialMX

7:33 PMofficialMX

7:34 PMReverend Werewolfi hope theres still a lot of high tier threat monsters in the game that we havent seen yet.

7:36 PMmatthew wilsoncapcom’s board was looking to sell capcom til mh world blew up, so yeah mh world help keep capcom idependent

7:41 PMReverend Werewolfthat character was the reason i didnt touch a monster hunter game until world,when i saw him,i thought all the monster hunter games were cartoony pokemon type games.

7:48 PMFreaKillevery podcast you say? That’s not just a spider, that’s a loyal member of your audience!

7:54 PMReverend Werewolfi wish dc could get theyre act together like marvel does,they seem to not have any idea what to do with theyre characters,especially superman,and that upsets me to no end,cuz supes is my favorite.

7:57 PMaddictedtochaosSuperman is the easiest to do right. Just make him like he is in the comics, the big blue Boy Scout, that is what people like about him.

8:02 PMReverend Werewolfthey got superman right with the christopher reeve movies,i wish they could capture even a fraction of the magic those movies had for todays movies.

8:02 PMaddictedtochaosSuperman & Lois is quite good so far.

8:04 PMaddictedtochaosMan of Steel, BvS, and Justice League fell victim to bad writing.

8:08 PMLynndy LeeI was so bored watching suicide squad.

8:09 PMaddictedtochaosI’m playing Breath of the Wild and I’m in Hyrule Castle and the same dead guardian toppled over that blocked your horse.

8:10 PMReverend Werewolfthe guy was a terrorist,he had a gun to lois lane’s head.

8:10 PMReverend Werewolflex luthor did that,he was trying to frame superman.

8:16 PMFreaKillWinter Falcon and Captain Soldier?

8:17 PMJared Kniselydo you like obiwan

8:18 PMReverend Werewolfi wonder what obi wan will be about.

8:19 PMJared Kniselyclones wars is a lot of obiwan and anakin

8:19 PMJared Kniselyso if u dont like them dont watch the clone wars

8:20 PMJared Kniselyclone character are good tho

8:20 PMReverend Werewolfdidnt make sense that the emperor was alive.

8:23 PMReverend Werewolfso its just him being bored on tattooine?

8:24 PMReverend Werewolfid like to see the origins of the jedi and the sith.

8:30 PMaddictedtochaosYou mean the High Republic, the one with the character that is literally a rock?

8:31 PMReverend Werewolfi meant the very first jedi.

8:32 PMJared Kniselyits good

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