BumbleKast Q&A – For March 15th, 2021


So many questions… It’s a neverending shower of Q’s getting A’d on the BumbleKast!

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  • Ian “BumbleKing” Flynn – Head writer of Sonic the Hedgehog comics for IDW Publishing and Mega Man for Archie Comics, Narrative Director for Rivals of Aether, writing for Archie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and more
  • Kyle “KyleJCrb” Crouse – Founder & Administrator of the KNGI Network, host of the Nitro Game Injection video game music podcast

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Olgilvie Maurice
Hey is it possible for you guys to say, “We want to give a shoutout to Ogilvie the Blue the one and only true Sonic Imposter” ? That would be awesome man!

Let’s take a question I’ve asked you in the past and ƎϨЯƎVƎЯ it: Would there be any sonic characters (games, archie, idw, etc) that would be like “if they were in Drogune they’d be Orkune”? Obviously this whole excercise is for fun, not to be taken the most seriously, but I do find it a neat thought experiment.

Diane W.
Since you’re never going to release Lost Hedgehog Tales due to outside forces and instead being using for ideas for the IDW book, I may as well ask[…]
Alright fellas, since you agreed on my last “who would win” question so easily, let’s try another: Bane vs Mr. Freeze. Who wins?

What process do you use for thinking ahead when it comes to writing, when youret taking turns writing with someone else? With you and Evan both working on your own arcs for the main comic now, do y’all have to pass ideas back and forth, to make sure neither of you “accidentally” plot-block the other by writing a situation that would interfere with something the other planned on writing?
Over at Sonic Legacy (haha plug), we have several writers working on multiple issues at any given time, so there’s always the “issue” of making sure everyone’s on the same page. Do you and Evan (and anyone else you’ve ever written with) ever had to just sit down and be like “ok, this is what I want to do, this is what you want to do, how do we make this work?”

Do you Ian, as a comic writer (whether it be Sonic IDW, Sonic Archie or Drogune) get to take part when it comes to translating a comic from english to another language?

Andrew D.
Where can I read all of Drogune so far in its intended reading order?

Scurvy Piratehog
Who would win in a fight between Espio the chameleon….and the Shredder?

Is there any Tailoring Commission that Honey the Cat wouldn’t take?

So, Ian, seems you’ve altered the BKC site to finally mention the Dark Horse ARMS comic as a cancelled project. Did something change, you got some confirmation the project’s dead, something like that? Does this mean you can talk some more about the project, or are you still just overall NDA’d into tomb-like silence?

K McConnell-K
I was just wondering, what were Shadow’s reasons for going [to Angel Island in STH#9]?

Jack H.
What was the deal with making Ra Moon the creator of the Star Droids? Also, if you have the time, favorite Mega Man Robot Master?

Yadiel N.
Ian, will metal sonic 3.0 ever appear in the IDW series? (and since I miss shard, will we ever see this man become him, please ;-;)

Andrew P.
I was wondering what would a piece of media, show,game,movie,etc. that feels very familiar to Sonic ether with character dynamics, story beats, or visuals?

Norah V.
So my question is, do the Hooligans…exist in the world of Sonic or at least in IDW…?

Aaron M.
I’ve always wanted to make my own sonic comic fanseries like sonic rebound and I was wondering if I could get your consent…?

Aussie Mate
Can you explain why you are so firm when it comes to Lost Hedgehog Tales stuff?

P. L-Martin
Ian: I was curious if you knew rather or not Earth holidays… Are celebrated on Sonic’s/Blaze’s World…?
Kyle: Are you guys bilingual?

Miles T Prower
For Ian – Have you ever cried or got emotional while writing a scene? I would be very surprised if you weren’t but if so, which one?
For Kyle – Have you ever cried or got emotional while *reading* a story from Ian? If so which one?

Sega Nintendo
Can you bring Tangle back in IDW Sonic Comic?

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