Molehill Mountain Episode 210 – Overpriced But Cool


I still want to know how well the Mario Kart Live cars drive on carpet.

  • 1:05 – Cyberpunk 2077 developer and publisher CD Projekt Red reneges on its promise NOT to crunch its staff
  • 8:14 – Disney blames California that it can’t open and not, you know, the viral pandemic that has killed well over 200,000 people in America alone in the past seven months
  • 23:58 – Monster Hunter World Iceborne adds Fatalis, a big, fire-breathing dragon that will END YOU
  • 50:58 – Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit looks like lots of fun for those with a decent amount of disposable income and floor space. Oh, and hardwood floors.
  • 1:05:28 – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate adds Minecraft fighters in its latest update.

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by Andrew Eisen.  Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use. Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

7:10 PMmatthew wilsonyup I get why disney layed off those parks stafdf

7:10 PMmatthew wilsonstaff

7:12 PMmatthew wilsonthats the upseting part is blaming ca, the laying off stadff was expected

7:14 PMmatthew wilsonalso remember their film devision is getting hit supper hard too

7:15 PMmatthew wilsonI meant in terms of revenue disney only has tv/disney+ atm

7:18 PMmatthew wilsonjust did the math assuming 40k a year, no benifits included, they were saving 1B, but yeah I get it. asking disney to eat atleast !b a year for how ever long this goes on a bit much

7:19 PMmatthew wilsoneven for disney a 10b per year aint sastanable

7:23 PMmatthew wilsonthis is lasting atleast another 12 months at this point

7:25 PMKageNekoSamaxbtw did i mess i talking about steve in smash?

7:25 PMmatthew wilsonincoming mhw 2 for next gen in 3.2.1.

7:26 PMmatthew wilson/s

7:26 PMmatthew wilsonthough for real I expect it

7:26 PMmatthew wilsonits all but ganenteed we are geting one

7:27 PMmatthew wilsonmy guess is 2022, maybe haliday 2021

7:32 PMmatthew wilsonsounds like a nerf

7:32 PMtwistedideashey andrew, I picked up the Jem and the Holograms dvd set the other week

7:34 PMaddictedtochaosHello all

7:34 PMmatthew wilsonwelcome to rpgs

7:34 PMKageNekoSamaxthe 64 one?

7:35 PMKageNekoSamaxohh yeah i remember that, and then the game forces to clear the game in the highest difficulty for the real ending 😆

7:36 PMmatthew wilsonso you failed enrage

7:39 PMKageNekoSamaxImagine real soldiers trying to protect the world without proper training

7:39 PMS.O. BEASTi remember that episode of leslie and bob lol.

7:44 PMDr. 20XXDo you play world online?

7:45 PMmatthew wilsonwell duh he is a dragon

7:46 PMmatthew wilsonweird

7:46 PMS.O. BEASTdragon

7:46 PMtwistedideasi think it’s weak to dying

7:46 PMKageNekoSamaxprobably the small ones are too powerful and the heat crosses solid objects 😆

7:48 PMS.O. BEASTyou have to get behind fatalis when he does that attack for a third time.

7:54 PMKageNekoSamaxso the kart drives itself when you’re playing?

7:56 PMtwistedideasI’ve heard that it drives well on most carpets

7:56 PMtwistedideasmaybe not well or at all on shag carpet or something

7:56 PMS.O. BEASTi bet it doesnt work on carpet at all.

7:56 PMaddictedtochaosApparently it is not recommended for outside use.

7:56 PMSusanne Christhello Saturday podcast family!!!

7:56 PMS.O. BEASTi have carpet

7:57 PMtwistedideasI’ve got a combination of carpet, hardwood and tiles

7:57 PMSusanne ChristI have hardwood floor lol

7:57 PMSusanne Christmain reason why I bought this house lmao

7:58 PMaddictedtochaosCould probably handle carpet like you see in offices.

7:58 PMtwistedideasdoes the cart come with the game?

7:59 PMKageNekoSamaxyep i don’t think they have the tech to do that

8:00 PMCalebF_32is this history class?

8:00 PMS.O. BEASTits only two player though right?

8:01 PMtwistedideasto play the game with multiplayer you have to have multiple karts and switch

8:02 PMSusanne Christfor rich kids -_-

8:02 PMaddictedtochaosAll my local stores have Switch in stock right now.

8:02 PMKageNekoSamaxyeah like labo

8:04 PMKageNekoSamaxwhat about the karts trashing each other? hope is durable

8:04 PMSusanne ChristI want the Luigi kart but in worried my dogs will attack the kart and eat the cardboard

8:04 PMtwistedideastheir solution to multiplayer reminds me of Double Dash’s LAN set up where you could have 8 whole setups of gamecube, game, tv, LAN adapter and network switch

8:05 PMSusanne Christgo off course and try to outrun the dogs lol

8:05 PMtwistedideasI wonder though if you could make ramps with this new mario kart

8:07 PMtwistedideaswell not so much to jump off of but to get onto a table or something

8:07 PMSusanne ChristSteve andrew lol his name is steve

8:07 PMS.O. BEASTi never heard of minecraft steve before.

8:07 PMtwistedideasalex

8:07 PMSusanne Christalex

8:08 PMTheRiverAnduinI feel that Nintendo wasted a character slot with steve

8:08 PMSusanne Christzombie and slender guy thing

8:09 PMCyberian_TigerNow that I think about it Smash Bros does sound like off shoot of the Bang bro film company

8:09 PMKageNekoSamaxim an adult and play it too 😛

8:10 PMTwickHey, first time in a molehill stream

8:10 PMSusanne Christlol remember playing minecraft on HS pc during class lol

8:10 PMSusanne Christhi twick!

8:10 PMaddictedtochaosWelcome Twick

8:11 PMTwickI’m usually chilling in his Trails streams

8:12 PMTheRiverAnduinthe smash dojo website for brawl

8:13 PMCyberian_TigerI still think the first and second one are the best. If I’m honest I don’t see how its a competitive game. It feel more like a party game then anything

8:13 PMtwistedideasI have no love for Minecraft but I will definitely play the character at least to learn him

8:15 PMKageNekoSamaxmy brother plays smash and he was devastated by the news

8:15 PMSusanne Christlol talk about random low skill ..mario party lol

8:16 PMSusanne ChristI love mario 35!!!

8:17 PMSusanne ChristI won 4 times already!

8:17 PMtwistedideascongrats

8:17 PMSusanne Christdave coming?

8:17 PMaddictedtochaosHopefully there is no DDoS attack on the charity site this year.

8:17 PMtwistedideasi played it for a bit in handheld mode then my hands started to hurt

8:18 PMSusanne Christdarn I figured

8:18 PMSusanne Christthey’ll be there in spirit!!

8:18 PMCyberian_TigerAndrew Eisen: Doesn’t play well with others, even his reflection.

8:19 PMSusanne Christ…wooo!!!!!!

8:21 PMSusanne Christ…..I need this o.o

8:21 PMLynndy LeeOh, I’m here too. I am usually quiet (^-^)

8:22 PMLynndy Leesleepy

8:22 PMSusanne Christall the entries!!!!

8:22 PMCyberian_TigerEvery 50 bucks and Andrew has to same something nice about Minecraft

8:22 PMAndrew

8:22 PMSusanne Christlmao yyyesss

8:23 PMAndrew Eisen…

8:24 PMCyberian_TigerTake care Andrew, great seeing you again.

8:25 PMTheRiverAnduinbye

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