Molehill Mountain Episode 132 – The Better Fanboy


Turns out EZK is the better fanboy.

Yes, it’s a competition.

  • 12:28 – EZK, the better fanboy, talks about Iron Fist S2, Daredevil S3 and Punisher S2
  • 47:46 – DC Super Pets movie! Who cares about anything else? DC SUPER PETS MOVIE!!!
  • 1:01:37 – NetherRealm artist tells IGN Brazil that Mortal Kombat boss won’t be playable. Maybe not lying, but almost certainly wrong, wethinks

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use. Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

5:10 PMAndrew Eisen​Test.
6:04 PMjordan thompson​but I didnt study!!!
6:19 PMAndrew Eisen​Heh, nice.
6:32 PMjack cayman​AYO HYPE
6:36 PMAndrew Eisen​Hype? Uh oh, we better figure out something interesting to talk about!
6:44 PME. Zachary Knight​Hello Everyone
6:47 PMlugiae​Hi.
6:58 PMjack cayman​Hello
6:58 PMmatthew wilson​square enix is having yoko taro make a raid for ff14’s next expansion.
6:58 PMmatthew wilson​will be intreasted to see what he comes up with
7:00 PMjordan thompson​glass uses taken logic to reveal how sam l Jackson being able to do a prison break while also being comatose
7:00 PMmatthew wilson​there are roumers he may be doing the next ff game
7:00 PMmatthew wilson​him or the current guy behind ff14
7:00 PMmatthew wilson​ff14 is legit good though ezk
7:01 PMaddictedtochaos​Agree completely
7:01 PMjack cayman​some off topic news real quick, people want shaggy to be in mortal kombat 11
7:01 PMmatthew wilson​honestly I want to see a yoko taro ff game
7:01 PMjordan thompson​at this point square enix is lying through their teeth if its the FINAL fantasy then why is there now 15
7:02 PMjack cayman​shaggy is a literal god
7:02 PMaddictedtochaos​Things like this Shaggy stuff is why I hate the internet
7:02 PMブランドン브랜든​I remember this one guy said they want big chungus and I was like hell no.
7:03 PMmatthew wilson​wounder how manny people even know who scappy is anymore
7:03 PMjack cayman​the meme came about because there is a episode of scooby doo where shaggy takes on an entire biker gang and wins
7:03 PMaddictedtochaos​Sarah Michelle Gellar
7:04 PMjordan thompson​netherealm/Mortal Kombat is owned by WB and scooby doo is owned by WB years back a mortal kombat scooby doo crossover animated movie cells were leaked but the project never came to forution
7:04 PMmatthew wilson​sadly I watched that in threatres I am sad to say
7:04 PMlugiae​How sad.
7:04 PMブランドン브랜든​I hope they have noob saibot in mortal kombat 11
7:04 PMjordan thompson​read the rest of the comment
7:04 PMaddictedtochaos​I doubt WB would be willing to let Shaggy get torn limb from limb in MK
7:05 PMjack cayman​shaggy is just a stoner shoenen character
7:05 PMjack cayman​STALKER is frozen for me atm
7:05 PManime momo​Hello
7:06 PMブランドン브랜든​sexy underwear that says eharmoney reject lol
7:06 PMmatthew wilson​papper plates andrew
7:07 PMmatthew wilson​crunch ouch
7:07 PMjordan thompson​hey andrew hows it at the top of the hill since youre not quite over it
7:10 PMmatthew wilson​no co workers qaing with you?
7:10 PMjack cayman​I promised to buy Andrew a steam game once I get paid
7:10 PMjordan thompson​well happy belated birthday
7:10 PMjack cayman​ill probably buy him skullgirls with all the DLC
7:13 PMjordan thompson​I realized as time goes on birthdays are useless, as you get older you realize nobody cares for you more than they usually do so on your birthday your really no more special than on any other day
7:15 PMjack cayman​my birthdays are people just coming up to me and giving me money
7:16 PMmatthew wilson​why watch bad movies?
7:16 PMaddictedtochaos​Bad movies can be worth watching if they fall into the “so bad it’s good” territory.
7:17 PMjordan thompson​i just got back from the theater watching they shall not grow old a WWI documentary with 100 year old restored and colorized film
7:17 PMmatthew wilson​you should check out THE PROMISED NEVERLAND
7:17 PMmatthew wilson​its a anime
7:17 PMjordan thompson​dont you lie you loved marie kondo
7:18 PMmatthew wilson​I gave up on marval a long long time ago
7:19 PMaddictedtochaos​I haven’t watch Luke Cage 2, Iron Fist 2, or Punisher 2 yet either.
7:19 PMjack cayman​I wanna watch season 2 of punished but i heard that it brings politics into it
7:19 PMjack cayman​I watch punished to see frank castle kill criminals not get lectured :/
7:20 PMotritzu​Evenin’, y’all.
7:21 PMjordan thompson​i know of iron fist but not much about the character or story so when I here someone say iron fist I still cant help but think of tekken
7:24 PMjordan thompson​did she-hulk ever appear in the daredevil since theyre both lawers, though I dont know if they both pratice the same law
7:25 PMjack cayman​about the only Netflix made series ive actually watched was devilman and dragon pilots
7:26 PMjordan thompson​you say that but gamora has worked thus far
7:26 PMjack cayman​she hulk is THICC
7:28 PMjordan thompson​the reason I bring up she hulk is cause shes a lawyer like daredevil
7:28 PMjack cayman​I’m honestly surprised they haven’t introduced her yet
7:29 PMjack cayman​if they want a fit actor to play she hulk, just look for a MMA fighter or summin
7:29 PMjordan thompson​have you watched the runaways or the x men show that came out a bit ago
7:31 PMjack cayman​I’m wondering if Andrew or Zach have watched the devilman crybaby Netflix show
7:31 PMjordan thompson​didnt they tease fing fang foom at the end of season 2, did they do anything with that
7:33 PMjordan thompson​I watched kick ass the other day and it holds up well to bad there wasnt a 3 or a hit girl spin off
7:33 PMaddictedtochaos​So disappointed Daredevil got cancelled, season 3 was great and the setup for 4 was great.
7:34 PMaddictedtochaos​Michael Clarke Duncan
7:37 PMjordan thompson​after infinity war what do you think is next, id guess things like the female thor, the younger black captain marvel, miles moralas spiderman maybe some heros age like an old man tony stark
7:38 PMjack cayman​I feel they teased us with scarface
7:38 PMjack cayman​then they blue balled us hard
7:39 PMjordan thompson​as much as I like the jim carrey mask I wouldnt mind getting a modern take on it thats more true to the gritty dark comic
7:40 PMjack cayman​ive been told the miles Spider-Man isnt black but is instead hispanic
7:40 PMjack cayman​that blew my mind
7:41 PMlugiae​He’s both.
7:41 PMlugiae​I think, anyway.
7:42 PMjordan thompson​you say jigsaw all I can think of is punisher vs jigsaw from the saw movies
7:43 PMjordan thompson​if there was a saw like movie but with superheroes I think id do gangbusters that concept is pretty unique
7:51 PMjack cayman​PENI
7:51 PMjack cayman​PARKER
7:51 PMjack cayman​TOTAL QT 3.14
7:52 PMjordan thompson​the real problem with vigilantism is if you cant get the authorities involved the criminal is just detained not put away, also police are just jealous/territorial about people doing their job for free
7:54 PMjack cayman​[message retracted]
7:54 PMjack cayman​all they had to do was be PATIENT
7:54 PMjack cayman​they could of built up to the Batman v superman universe
7:55 PMjordan thompson​whats aquamans
7:56 PMjack cayman​here’s the way I see it….
7:56 PMjack cayman​DC = bad live action shows and movies, but amazing video games
7:56 PMjack cayman​marvel = good movies and tv shows, but horrid video games
7:57 PMaddictedtochaos​Dc only had Arkham games. The rest are crap.
7:57 PMjack cayman​injustice
7:58 PMjordan thompson​kyripto and ace vs vacuum-mite and mail man menace
7:58 PMaddictedtochaos​Marvel, Spider-Man, X-Men legends, ultimate alliance, x-men origins wolverine.
7:59 PMaddictedtochaos​Injustice was just a fighting game. Could swap out dc characters and it would still work
7:59 PMjack cayman​wasn’t ultimate alliance bashed for having ps2 level graphics for a ps4 game
8:00 PMaddictedtochaos​Ultimate alliance was only ported to PS4. The original was a PS2 game.
8:00 PMjack cayman​then I’m thinking of another game they released as a nex gen game
8:00 PMjack cayman​but it was horrendous, it was shown at ee
8:01 PMjack cayman​e3*
8:01 PMjordan thompson​for the most part the stright to DVD and blu ray DC animated movied that come out every 5 or 6 months are hit and miss but are far better than the live action films
8:01 PMjack cayman​#shantaeforsmash
8:02 PMaddictedtochaos​Nintendo is the publisher, so will almost certainly stay exclusive.
8:02 PMaddictedtochaos​NES X-Men sucked
8:02 PMjack cayman​we don’t talk about NEX xmen
8:03 PMjack cayman​hey guys, superman 64 was really good 🙂
8:03 PMlugiae​What about Superman 64? Do we talk about that one?
8:03 PMaddictedtochaos​No we don’t
8:03 PMjack cayman​its cursed
8:04 PMjordan thompson​I enjoyed spiderman 1 on ps2 a lot
8:04 PMaddictedtochaos​Superhero games should lend themselves well to video games, but are often hit and miss.
8:04 PMjack cayman​legend has it…there is a land fill full of E.T games
8:04 PMjordan thompson​do we talk about scribblenauts DC
8:04 PMaddictedtochaos​That was confirmed true
8:04 PMjack cayman​ITS REAL?
8:04 PMaddictedtochaos​Yep
8:05 PMjack cayman​the only game that I played that I hated alot was RAGE
8:06 PMjack cayman​speaking of the video game crash
8:06 PMjack cayman​rumors have it that there is gonna be a video game crash of 2019
8:06 PMlugiae​Why would that be?
8:07 PMjack cayman​probably from gamers boycotting gaming companies
8:07 PMjack cayman​stocks have dropped like 150mil
8:07 PMjack cayman​quartering did a video on it
8:07 PMjordan thompson​m&m’s passed on product placement for E.T. their respone was “yeah a alien film doesnt sound like id be good for our product” then reeses pieces blew up in stock
8:07 PMlugiae​Boycotts come and go.
8:08 PMjack cayman​well the boycotts have been popping up more, metro exodus is a example thats going on rn
8:09 PMlugiae​I really doubt it will get anywhere near Crash level.
8:09 PMjack cayman​you can play as master hand
8:09 PMjack cayman​but you gotta break the game
8:09 PMjordan thompson​just for the laughs I want there to be skins based on the live action 90s movies for the characters
8:10 PMjack cayman​@lug well still companies like EA and Ubisoft should still be worried, they’re hemorrhaging money
8:10 PMlugiae​Honestly? Good.
8:10 PMjack cayman​ikr, its about time
8:11 PMjack cayman​I’m just like, angry because i was really hyped for metro exodus, but I can’t get it on steam now
8:11 PMjack cayman​I really don’t wanna download epicgames launcher just for ONE game
8:11 PMlugiae​Bad companies losing $ isn’t a crash, it’s karma.
8:11 PMaddictedtochaos​There needs to be a crash. So companies can learn that nickel and diming consumers is bad and should be punished.
8:11 PMjack cayman​^^^^^
8:13 PMjack cayman​they also threatened us saying if gamers boycotted. they wouldn’t release anything else on PC
8:14 PMjack cayman​yeah
8:14 PMaddictedtochaos​Heard it is a timed exclusive.
8:14 PMjack cayman​and yo ho ho, a pirates life for me
8:15 PMjack cayman​steam competition will be good, maybe it’ll give valve an excuse to get off their ass and RELEASE SOME NEW GAMES
8:15 PMjack cayman​GABE, IM 20 NOW, WHERE IS HL3
8:16 PMjack cayman​shovelware is used to make money on steam
8:16 PMjordan thompson​andrew, zach at this points its commen to have horror movie characters in MK what is one character you really want and one that would most likely never make the cut but you’d like it
8:16 PMjack cayman​they’ll buy it during a sell, then sell the trading cards for money
8:17 PMjack cayman​I hope becomes a threat to twitch, twitch is more akin to softcore camshows at this point
8:17 PMlugiae​humble bumble
8:18 PMaddictedtochaos​Ash from evil dead for MK
8:18 PMjack cayman​I like humble bumble, its how I got star wars republic commando on steam for cheaper
8:18 PMjordan thompson​I want jaws
8:19 PMjack cayman​the xray for pinhead is the opponent fiddling around with the box for 30 minutes
8:19 PMaddictedtochaos​Pennywise
8:19 PMjack cayman​the thing could work, skullgirls did something similar with the character double
8:20 PMjack cayman​flash game that does that
8:20 PMjack cayman​2005
8:20 PMjordan thompson​Christine
8:20 PMjordan thompson​a gremlin
8:20 PMjack cayman​one of the clowns from killer clowns from outer space
8:21 PMaddictedtochaos​Frankenstein’s monster
8:21 PMjack cayman​add a vortigaunt
8:21 PMlugiae​Dr. Frankenstein.
8:21 PMjordan thompson​candyman
8:22 PMjack cayman​jeepers creepers?
8:22 PMlugiae​I don’t get this convo, but I can still participate!
8:22 PMjack cayman​the creeper is OP
8:22 PMjack cayman​missing no
8:22 PMjordan thompson​ghostface
8:22 PMjack cayman​he just causes mk11 to crash
8:23 PMjordan thompson​if were gonna have chucky we need leprechaun
8:23 PMlugiae​Missingno. doesn’t cause crashes.
8:23 PMjordan thompson​or cujo
8:23 PMjack cayman​pyramid head from silent hill
8:24 PMjordan thompson​gingerdeadman
8:24 PMjack cayman​@lugiae maybe it was just a bad emulator
8:24 PMjordan thompson​martian leader from mars attacks
8:24 PMjack cayman​silent hill PACHINKO
8:24 PMjack cayman​a boo from super mario
8:25 PMjordan thompson​i have a giant list in front of me that i made for a horror fighting game so I can go on and on
8:25 PMaddictedtochaos​No
8:25 PMjack cayman​postal dude!
8:26 PMjordan thompson​issac from children of the corn
8:26 PMjack cayman​Andrew make Cajun food with that fish
8:26 PMjack cayman​make this Texan proud
8:27 PMjack cayman​look for slap ya mama
8:27 PMjordan thompson​jack torrence from the shining
8:27 PMaddictedtochaos​It was 17 below on Wednesday and will 60 on Monday
8:27 PMjack cayman​best for crayfish boils
8:27 PMjack cayman​here in Texas the temp was 70, HAHA
8:27 PMjordan thompson​killer tomato from attack of the killer tomatoes
8:27 PMjack cayman​suck it Midwest
8:27 PMjordan thompson​the crow
8:28 PMjordan thompson​okay ill stop now
8:28 PMOmegametalchase92​@AndrewEisenHappy Birthday!
8:29 PMjack cayman​tyrant from resident evil
8:29 PMjack cayman​nemesis from re3
8:29 PMjack cayman​how do you define a GOOD video game
8:30 PMlugiae​That’s a lot more nebulous.
8:30 PMaddictedtochaos​Too subjective for a GOOD game.
8:30 PMjack cayman​I come from /v/
8:30 PMjordan thompson​a media you control directally and maintain control through the main substance material
8:30 PMjack cayman​my standards are too big Because of /v/
8:31 PMlugiae​They make crappy Art all the time.
8:31 PMjack cayman​modern art is just modern day money laundering
8:31 PMjack cayman​nice being with you all! I got modded on a discord server so they need me now

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