GameFuel #106: Hardcore (Distractions EP Listening Party featuring DusK )


GameFuel is KyleJCrb’s solo webcast, featured on Arecibo Radio. It is a spinoff of Nitro Game Injection, featuring video game music with an edge. Tune in every Saturday at 9 PM Eastern! All episodes are archived here at

KyleJCrb is joined by Dustin “DusK” Branscum to celebrate the release of his new metalcore/chiptune album, Distractions! Dustin covers some of his influences and the work that went into the album, as well as discussing some of his previous projects. Pay what you want for the album on Bandcamp now, and be sure to check out Dustin’s personal site for more of his works!

Originally aired on September 23rd, 2012.

1. DusK – Just Getting Started (arrangement of ‘Title’ from Sonic & Knuckles [GEN] :: )
2. From the Forest Itself – Voice of the Timeless (original work from Distractions EP :: )
3. From the Forest Itself – Philistine (original work from Distractions EP :: )
4. From the Forest Itself – See Reason (original work from Distractions EP :: )
5. From the Forest Itself – A Well-Dressed Cannibal (original work from Distractions EP :: )
6. From the Forest Itself – Hallways (original work from Distractions EP :: )
7. From the Forest Itself – Undeserved Cure (original work from Distractions EP )
8. From the Forest Itself – A Thousand Lives (original work from Distractions EP )
9. DusK – The Broken Front (arrangement of ‘Title’, ‘Night Mission’ from Red Zone [GEN] :: )

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