Touhou Tuesday 2014-03-04: The Prismraver Sisters Touhou Dance Mix ~ Crossfading is Super Hard Guys :(


So lately I’ve been using Mixxx to make DJ sets. Here’s my first attempt to try a new format for Touhou Tuesday, a few days after Touhou Tuesday’s 2nd anniversary! I hope you guys enjoy. I also created a mixcloud page where I will soon have a recording of today’s mix up on my new mixcloud site (, where I already have 2 other mix sets available to listen to. Read on for the full playlist:

IOSYS – Professional Breeders

mican* – Border of Life

Lix – Flower Metropolis (Transparent Mix)

T.Stebbins – Rain Dance

Sakuya Kurosaki [T.Piacere] – Rot in hell !!

t+pazolite – Phantomystic

ORANGE★JAM – Atelier of Light

cYsmix – 白死, 黒の墓

3L – 月齢11.3のキャンドルマジック


CleanTears/Vo. erica(AZURE FACTORY) – Like a flower -Floor Style-

cYsmix – EX. Empress of Dolls

Nhato – LIMBO

izna – Skittish Trooper

DJ Command/Vo. maria♂polo – Dirty Sexy Girl

越田Rute隆人 – Spider’s Blood

NANA TAKAHASHI – midnight lightning bolt

izna – Super Fine Red

Tsubaki – miss illusion

築山さえ – asterisk

綾倉盟 – gratitude.

yana – オズネイ・ハマンはもういらない

江口孝宏 – デザイアドリーム

ぼいど / 夕野ヨシミ / 3L – Miracle∞Hinacle

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