Touhou Tuesday 2014-02-18: The Setz Interview


I know you have all been waiting for this, and here it is! I finally got to interview Setz after wanting to for so long, and it was great! We had discussions about comics, Estonia, and pornos. I also asked him the usual questions 🙂 Hopefully you find this interview as interesting as I have! It starts about half an hour into this week’s program. Also, the first quarter of the show was dedicated to Ryu Umemoto, who would have turned 40 today. I played 5 of his songs in memoriam. The last hour of the show was me playing requests 🙂 Remember, if you want to request something for next week’s show, reach me at [email protected]! Read on for the full playlist:

綾倉盟 – R.I.N.

梅本竜 – シンデレラケージ ~ Kagome-Kagome

梅本竜 – プレイヤーズスコア

梅本竜 – 封印されし神々

梅本竜 – 閉ざせし雲の通い路

梅本竜 – 法界の火

Black Sabbath – Paranoid

大瀬良あい(Innocent Key) 悠綺あやの(PeaceLove) – M.H.S(溝口ホール工房)/夜雀

まさみティー – The Karasu Wind

aki – Creeping indication

minami – Spring Bloomer

綾倉盟 – Romantic Fall

LAZ – Inevitable Pitfall

坂上なち – of memories

びびあん – effulgence

A~YA – SWING HOLIC/Dream in a dream

pizuya – 人恋し神様 ~ Romantic Fall

紫苑 – THMNK you.

ぼいど / 夕野ヨシミ / 3L – Miracle∞Hinacle

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