Touhou Tuesday 2014-02-11: Thank You for Holding, Your Call is Important to Us


Back on the air after a week of being sick. Hello again! Today I set an official date for the airing of the Setz interview: Next week, on February 18th! It’s gonna be great. Meanwhile though, I just played some music this week 🙂 Read on for the full playlist:


ill.bell、たま – PARFECT FREEEEEEEEEZE!! feat. ill.bell

spctrm – 全人類の緋想天

Pizuya’s Cell – Back to the Colorful Road feat.SOPHIA

小峠 舞 – BA·BA·BANG!!

IOSYS – 飲酒オンザビール


水橋ゆっきー – ゆび先の雨

Point4 – Rigid Paradise (Sega Genesis Arrangement)

spctrm – sigh

骨折飲料 – 呪われたクイーン・ニトリー号

uno/Vo. あいかぴん – Desire

D.watt – Angel on the Bridge

MAJI – 洋雅楽揺籃歌 ~ feast of passing away palace

izna – Spring Rouge

Babbe feat. Milkychan – アルパカ∞friendship

あひる – Princess Girl, Cinderella Girl

Clean Tears – Reverside Moon feat. Youna

miko – Hello!

柊秀雪, izna – Night Daydream

ランコ×衝動的の人 – 光源

Coro – Starry Memories

spctrm – The Daffodils

ぼいど / 夕野ヨシミ / 3L – Miracle∞Hinacle

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