Touhou Tuesday 2013-06-18: TrueStar’s Metal Special!


Even as I type this I’m still a bit sick, but TrueStar was there to fill in for both myself and Teezan as neither of us were quite fit for radio at the time. We were also planning to do an all-metal show, so I stuck her with that awesome opportunity. This show covers everything from hard rock and hair metal to death metal and screamo. Also rage and confusion that TrueStar’s computer doesn’t recognize Asian language at all, and Translator-chan was nowhere to be found. Oh no! We at least have a playlist for you right here though, read on to see it:

Mr.Sweden – Circulation

Merami – Fall Of Tears

minami – 9190

Rin Katsura – Hidden God

Ayane ~ xi-on ~ – フラワリングナイト(6th Spell -Undesigned Emotion-より)

CROW’SCLAW – Green Of Green Eyes

S.S.H. – ォユ楠鍛登 。・Phantom Ensemble

UI-70 – Flight of the Bamboo Cutter ・Lunatic Princess

Yousuke Yasui – Fires of Hokkai

Takase – Deaf to All but the Song

Dark PHOENiX – 東方妖恋談 – Type β

Setsuna – The Grimoire Of Alice -證鈴サ堤ォ・隧ア-

Unlucky Morpheus x UNDEAD CORPORATION – You’re Better Off Alive

Takase – Stupid Moon People

556t – chain

Ranko – Rabbit Without Dreams at Night

warinside (BLANKFIELD) – Half Ghost

Merami /Teto – When Innocence Is Just A Mask

Camelia (vo. Chihiro Aihara & Yuki Aihara) – We demand world change

Yuyoyuppe – Melting Time

Demetori – Heartfelt Fancy

S.S.H. & Aether – ティアオイエツォン

IRON-CHINO – Crushed Vision

Demetori – 菫。莉ー縺ッ蜆壹″莠コ髢薙・轤コ縺ォ ・・Jehovah’s YaHVeH

96 – Miracle8Hinacle

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