Touhou Tuesday 2013-06-11: Night of Too Many Cohosts ~ cYsmix’s “Ghost Party” Release Party!

Play friend of the show and Norwegian Doujin Music Composer cYsmix released his album Ghost Party yesterday, and came on the show today to help us all celebrate, and we asked him a few questions and he had  the most horrible interview of his career thanks to me not preparing at all! Today was also kind of nuts because in addition to TrueStar, we had Temporary Permanent Other Best Cohost Teezan and Newcomer Kawaii Imouto-chan Cohost Suikasen came to my house! We all cohosted together in the same room. Except TrueStar. Poor TrueStar :(! We talked about our trip earlier today to the Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America in Granite Falls, WA, one of just a couple Shinto shrines in America. It was completely surrounded by thick green forest and really felt like you were stepping into another world. I told people that the entrance to Gensokyo was in Washington, but I didn’t believe it myself until I went!


cYsmix – 占い師, Abandoned Shrine Party, Night Out, House of Seiga, The Ballad of a Mindless Girl, Ghostly Hallway

まさみティー – 空から見た人里


SHO – Monsters Express 666

cYsmix – 食べ×物×じゃない!

Shibayan – campo de girassol

A-One – Adequate

あひる – Hide and seek × Spirit away

白いしましまうさぎ – 舶来の紅いお茶

spctrm – Aureole

MORRIGAN – Doll ‘n’ Black Eyes

ネオ – ナイフが語るは真なる正義

綾倉盟 – R.I.N.

ぼいど / 夕野ヨシミ / 3L – Miracle∞Hinacle

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