Touhou Tuesday 2013-06-04: Double Streaming Character ~ 2nd Reitaisai 10 Recap Show


Today featured both my cohosts yet again, which was really awesome! TrueStar, during the show, was streaming the new Touhou game demo “Double Dealing Character” while the music played on our show. She doesn’t have much on the page now but you can visit her page at Other than that we played all sorts of great new releases from Reitaisai 10! Read on for the full playlist:

S.S.H. &Aether – 幻視のRock’n’Yoll ( Bonus Track )


IRON-CHINO – Bucharest

CROW’S CLAW – Luna Dial

S.S.H. &Aether – リジッドパラダイス

GET IN THE RING – Nightmare Counselor

3L – Sunny days

ichigo & senya – アノ華咲クヤ

えふま – ダブルスパイラル

水橋ゆっきー – 微笑みの歴史少女

LIQU@ – 白玉茶屋in冥土

イワクラコマキ – mental sketch modified

OrangeCoffee – Have a nice day

3L – イニーリトル・アジアンタム

A~YA – Ring a Ding a Ring a Dong

panoman – lunar dial

HAL – Rainbow-colored triangle

Cryu – Unlimited Colors

ziki_7 – kairyoku ranshin


Chia – 遊星航路

RD-Sounds – 欲望之音色

あにー – panorama on and on

ぼいど / 夕野ヨシミ / 3L – Miracle∞Hinacle

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