Touhou Tuesday 2013-04-23: Jazz Night at Myourenji


Tonight, jazz!

Well no, not that kind of jazz. Touhou jazz arrangements. Also, teezan is back again as my permanent temporary co-host! I play sweet, sweet jazz as I try to calm teezan down 😀 Read on for the playlist:



U2 Akiyama – Marisas Battle Theme (Hopeless Masquerade)

Issay & Geist Jazz Band – Take The ‘Luv’ Train


とーなるぐらびてぃ – “Imagine”

トマト組 & Bos – DAIQUIRI

Bugbeard (Golden City Factory) – 地霊達の帰宅

Geist Jazz Band – Charcoal Blossom

cittan* Gt.Soh Yoshioka – Otemba de Jane-yo [おてんば恋娘]

Crouch – Drive to the Blanc Castle

OdiakeS – Skyscraper of Horizon

ランコ – Je t’aime moi champ de fleurs

witch – 感傷

LIQU@。 – スーパーキョンシーYO・SHI・KA・

Bizen – Seaside

Bugbeard (Golden City Factory) – 業火マントル

だ – meu querido

NEGUSE – Waltz of Dawn

wonder – vector T

パプリカ – 宵陰ー平安のエイリアン

中雑魚酒菜 – Non-jealous Ballade

ぼいど / 夕野ヨシミ / 3L – Miracle∞Hinacle

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