Touhou Tuesday 2013-04-02: Lovingly Playing Tyrian2000 At Gunpoint


Today featured a sudden return of TrueStar! So we talked, a lot! I also recapped Sakura-Con 2013, which just happened this weekend. Lots of interesting things to talk about there 🙂 I did the Touhou panel, met Sixten, hung out with Teezan, and many others, and made some new friends :3. In other news, Leo & friends released a book! You can buy it here: I also accidentally threaten TrueStar throughout the show. Today’s BGM was Tyrian 2000, by Alexander Brandon. Read on for the playlist!

IOSYS – Mami-zoo

山本椛 – こいするメイドのおはなし

LAZ – Same Ward II

Sugano feat. Ani-Rock – Men Becomes A Knight (Disko Warp Remix)

T.Stebbins – Leave Me In The Dark

綾倉盟 – comouflage

DJ Command/Vo. 3L – Spring of Dreams

yana – Fall in the Dark

Sugano feat. Shironegi – 儚きは月影の如く (Disko Warp Master Mix)

ARM/RoughSketch – Border of extacy

ランコ – ムラサ

江口孝宏 – デザイアドライブ

刹那 – Eschatology -終末幻視症-

Mr.Sweden – Mysterious Mountain

warinside (BLANKFIELD) – Half Ghost

安井洋介 – Nostalgic Blood of the East ~ Old World

Felt – NAGI☆ – SINK

Felt – 美歌 – Under cloud

魂音泉 – once in a blue moon

spctrm – 真生未分の一心

Mei Ayakura – visions of love

StudioA’ – Deaf to all but the Song

void / 96 – Miracle∞Hinacle [Punk Remix]

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