Touhou Tuesday 2013-01-22: Don’t Stop Believin’


WOW, what a week this has been. A bad one. Long story short, I had to completely redo my audio setup. Fixing it with hardware will cost money I don’t have, so I went the route of Virtual Audio Cable, which is super handy to have, since it allows me to continue doing this show. After spending all weekend diagnosing problems and then rigging that up, come showtime, my internet connection becomes incredibly unstable. However, after waiting about an hour, my connection stabilized enough to do a show, so I just did it. As for the show itself, it’s a further continuation of C83 stuff mixed in with requests, also Banzatou finished a nice new piece of Maribel/Renko art, as well as sketched something that cheered me up a lot while I was unable to do the show. Read on for the playlist:

Shibayan – 雲がくれにし夜半の月かな

Dark PHOENiX – 妖精大戦争

越田Rute隆人 – REASON for RED

Akane – Love≒Gravitation

Ryunosuke Kudo – ティアオイエツォン(withered leaf )

ORANGE★JAM – Atelier of Light

あいざわ – 酔月(Instrumental )

yana – Fall in the Dark

UI-70 – 小さな欲望の星空

kaztora / vocal. lily-an – Grand Spider

Wani\Ranko – IMITATE

yonji – all I wanna do is…

江口孝宏 – 竹取飛翔 ~ Lunatic Princess

坂上なち – 雨はりらりら

motoko – Refrain

kalon. – Desire

Maurits。ー・。アCornelis – Disorder!

Syrufit / Vocal.綾倉 盟 – Guilty Princess


東京アクティブNEETs – 捌、【西方ノ蒼ィ汽車】

魂音泉 – At the End of the Dream

spctrm – Grimoire of Alice I

spctrm – Grimoire of Alice II

ぼいど / 夕野ヨシミ / 3L – Miracle∞Hinacle


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