Touhou Tuesday 2012-10-23: Tsunderabies


No TrueStar this week, but I went and found myself a new intern, who goes by the name of Momiji. She didn’t talk much, but she was there to keep the chatroom in line, and fetch my coffee! Thanks for volunteering your time, Momi! On to the show, it wasn’t much of anything special but we still, of course, played some awesome music! Read on and check out the playlist:

DJ Command/Vo. 3L – Night’n’NIGHT

OdiakeS – Skyscraper of Horizon

Pizuya’s Cell feat.3L – 夢の雫 feat.3L

魂音泉 – FANTASIA feat. AO (off vocal )

Dr.J – True Love Never Dies

藤谷尚希 – A dream of puppeteers

堕悪祭怪&昼 – どこでも躍れ

秣本 瑳羅 – いと儚き燿の如く

minami – Into the Darkness

709sec. – Gaze

高瀬 – Magnum Opus – ハルトマンの妖怪少女

発熱巫女~ず – C2U

美歌 – Silent Star

3L – 月齢11.3のキャンドルマジック

Attrielectrock – PHANTOM VOICE

京箪笥 – Saggy pants poisoning

Syrufit – on the way home

Babbe – Message from beyond the Border

まさみティー – 彼女の心の廟

<echo>PROJECT (平茸×やよいちゃん / Vo.うたしま ) – 09.Chime

魂音泉 – At the End of the Dream

清水嶺 (Unknown – Dimension ) – 咲夜も何か弾いてみたら?

Quad City DJs vs void feat. 3L – Slamacle∞Jamacle


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