Touhou Tuesday 2012-07-10: Truehu Tuesday!


This week, I was out of town, quite literally in the middle of nowhere, so I decided to leave the show in the care of TrueStar, my trusty cohost, and she managed to deliver quite a great show… as I expected! This isn’t the first time she’s done a show by herself; check out her solo show, Noise Channel, if you like chiptunes! She even threw a few Touhou chiptunes in for this episode, as a special treat for everyone. Read on for the playlist.

dbu Music – Missing My Cups by neochi – Royal Milk Tei
Fragile Online – Ice Girl – Album is Touhou Chiptune Hell
Snug Space – Pure Monochrome – Album is Call Me Again!
Syrufit – Shadow of Jealousy – Album is Where Is Love
Hatchimitsu Lemon – Like a Flower – Album is Light In Color by Clean Tears feat. Erica
Komso – Techmarisa – Komsoya Live 2008 (Mix of Marisa and Technopolis by YMO )
Zytokine – Take It Easy by Cold Kiss – Zephyr
Poplica – Wish To the Moon by 723 and fi-fy – Poptrick
Alice’s Emotion – Oblivion by Yukacco – Forlane|Sana
DDBY – Lunatic Princess – Album is 8biTouhou
Thinktank – Ghostly Eyes – This Escape
A-One – No Routine by Rute – Toho Eurobeat Vol 5
Crow’s Claw – Mysterious Moutain – Lightning Discharge
Shibayan – Cirno Rhythm Sung by Yana – Album is Emotional Feedback — Request by Matt
Halozy – Three Magic (Digital Wing Trance Remix ) vocals by 3L – Album is Future Love
Wave – Guilty or Not Guilty – Archiv East
Silver Forest – Master of Doll – ayashiki Yume no Rhapsody
Flap-frog – Kogasa Rounded – Album is Bitter
Distant Phantasm 4 – The Last Cherry Blossom by DJ Usa
Floating Cloud – Transition Spirit – Carnival
Sound Holic – Bud Flowers – Flower Buster
Orange Jam – Heaven in the Sky – Somatic
FELT – Light My Life sung Vivienne – Album is called Silver Drive
spctrm – Kamunagara – Eureka
ぼいど / 夕野ヨシミ / 3L

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