Touhou Tuesday 2012-06-05: Reitaisai9 Four Hour Super Amazing Awesome Hella Extravaganza!


I think this is a record both for amount of listeners and how long I’ve done a show in one sitting. Wow! Today I played all new music from Reitaisai 9, with more than 2 hours of music because of all that I collected. If that wasn’t enough, I had an hour and 15 minute interview with Renko, who runs the circle ORANGE★JAM! Read on for the playlist.

spctrm – Ambigu

CROW’SCLAW – Magus Night

京箪笥 – Saggy pants poisoning

Shihori – Let It Be

綾倉盟 – R.I.N.

itori – Paint it for

fu_mou – つまらない夢の終わり

3L – The Wheel of Darkness

隣人 – in the ice cube

綾倉盟 – Integration under the moon of codes

Akane – Still in Love

吉河順央 – Cross World

Taishi – invulnerable

OdiakeS, 鷺, 圭輝 – Koch curve (運命のダークサイド)

舞花 – Innocent Eyes

witch – Stuffy

削除 – Eater Merry

Sanokan – NEMESIS

深水チエ – 泡沫と繭 [東方妖々夢~Ancient Temple & 幽雅に咲かせ、墨染の桜~Border of Life]

A~YA – Far East Sleepwalk

ARM, Bizen – Side Trip (妖怪の山 ~ Mysterious Mountain)

ランコ – 切れた糸

sweez – Doll Maker of Bucuresti

しゃばだば – ヒマワリ

鯛の小骨 – スペクトロニカ

Vivienne & Renko – Free Your Mind

sou – skywatcher

だ – Bom dia [感情の摩天楼]

月代 彩 – レイノユメ (Ambient Mix )


DJ Command/Vo. 3L – Miracle∞Hinacle


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