The Bonus Stages Episode 05 – Fast


Hi, hello and welcome to another episode of The Bonus Stages hosted by DJ LvL. This time around we’re bumping a whole lotta drum and or bass, so jump into two hours of your monthly dose of dance music, videogame music, vg dance music, and a little somethin’ somethin’ to close out the show.

1. Astrophysics – you’re killing me   [Bandcamp]
2. MRSA – Chemicals   [Bandcamp]
3. Yasunori Mitsuda – Wind Scene (el poco maro Remix)  [Soundcloud defunct (See Note 2)]
4. Nero – Blame You   [Beatport]
5. amphobius – Victory Lap   [Beatport]
6. Flexstyle – Unstoppable (Wild ARMs)   [Bandcamp]
7. SEGA SOUND TEAM, Tomoya Ohtani – Cyberspce 1-2 Flowing   [AmazonMp3]
8. Maduk – Ready Now   [Bandcamp]
9. Keeno – Communications   [Bandcamp]
10. bLiNd – The Veldt Two Step (Final Fantasy 6)   [Bandcamp]
11. Etherwood – Souls Apart   [Bandcamp]
12. Christopher Larkin – Dirtmouth / Forgotten Crossroads (Kamex Mashup Remix)   [Soundcloud]
13. Logistics – Boundeless   [Bandcamp]
14. Vector U – Metroid Prime Title and Menu Theme   [Soundcloud]
15. EBIMAYO – 叛逆スル者達   [Adictiv.Nier]
16. FantomenK – Jet Man   [Bandcamp]
17. London Elektricity – The Plan That Cannot Fail   [Bandcamp]
18. Jun Chikuma – tripod   [Materia Store]
19. Xilent – Clear Your Mind   [Bandcamp]
20. Kid Panel – Lola   [Bandcamp]
21. m-flo loves DOPING PANDA – she loves the CREAM (Dexpistols Remix)   [m-flo official website]
22. Mord Fustang – Lick the Rainbow (Miles Dyson Breakfast Edit)   [Bandcamp]
23. m-flo – Tripod Baby (Shinichi Osawa Remx)   [m-flo official website]
24. Pascal Michael Stiefel – Welcome to Mafia Town (Noteblock Remix)   [Bandcamp]
25. Vector U – Koopa’s Road   [Bandcamp]
26. capsule – JUMPER   [AmazonMp3]

DJ LvL’s Video Game Music Inspired Music Discovery:

27. Last Chance to Reason – Rebirth   [Bandcamp]
28. The Contortionist – Thrive   [Bandcamp]



Stay funky



Clarification: Maduk is a co-founder of Liquicity records.

Note 1: The visual novel and album of which “you’re killing me” is a part of is called HOPE LEFT ME

Note 2: el poco maro’s soundcloud has been deactivated and his official releases are incredibly hard to come by, I’ve included a link to a compilation which he’s on.

Note 3: Bandcamp links always provided when able. Beatport tracks can usually also be found on amazon mp3 at a lower price and the advantage of cloud backup, but at a fixed fidelity.