Spacestation Evolution: ReTuned! Listening Party AND MORE feat. Will Roget, II – 2013-12-27


Download the album on here!

I had the fortune of hosting a listening party for Will Roget’s album “Spacestation Evolution: ReTuned” which is one of the first soundtracks Will worked on back in the late ’90s. He’s taken some of the songs from the album and completely remade them using the skills he’s developed in the past 15 years, and packed them with the original soundtrack, which you can now buy from The game may never have been completed, but the soundtrack was! Check it out. I also had Will on Skype during the show and we discussed his album, this one in particular, plus other past and future works. Unfortunately, some of the tracks could not be kept in the recording, so I had to edit them out due to them being for unreleased games. The interview segments however are intact and definitely fascinating to hear!

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