RadioOverCoat 2012-08-15: I Really Was Kidding!


I’m still doing these podcasts! Even as I write this I am still a little buzzed off the excitement that Yuzo Koshiro is going to MAGFest. I just… oh my god… I’m going to be in the same room with this guy. Wow! Anyway, next week maybe I’ll play some extra Koshiro music. Read on for today’s playlist:

Dub Slash (Streets of Rage 3 ) – Motohiro Kawashima

門脇舞以 – Search and Destroy

Mick Rippon – Ode to Casio

The Last Soul (Streets of Rage ) – Yuzo Koshiro

Tennen-sozai – White Beelzebub – Remix

Momus – Pygmalism

Miami Horror – Grand Illusion

Cyril the Wolf – Gangnam Style (Metal Vers. ) [English Lyrics]

ランコ – Flight on deep time

royal sefton – Harvest 5 – Geek (SLM mix )

brb – making trancey breakbeat heads cry themselves to sleep

Kavinsky – Nightcall (Robotaki Remix )

Sefiros – The Dead Things We Are Made Of

Joshua Morse – The Naga of the Sunken City

Tennen-sozai – Wild Wings – Remix

Toshinobu Kubota – Pump Up Your Gold

D Fast – Froggie’s trip (to the edge of the world )

M-Project – after world (andy seawsum dubtrance remix )

transient – pulse light

Klaus Nomi – Wasting My Time

SΔMMUS – Mayhem feat. Chance Fischer

Shnabubula – Earth

FM ATTACK – Memorex

Cornelius – Like A Rolling Stone

Nosaj Thing – Fog

The Beatniks – 04 – Now And Then….ogg

Disasterpeace – Age

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