RadioOverCoat 2012-05-02: OVERCOAT.MID



Star Cruiser (スタークルーザー )- To a Far Away Galaxy

Dragon’s Fury – Main Table

Danimal Cannon – Apparently This Game Has Music

Shibayan (Shibayan Records ) – writhes [SnakemanStage Rockman3]

Yellow Magic Orchestra – Snakeman Show

Darren Styles – Dropzone (Bonkers Mix )

little bitchard – Travelling at the Speed of Light

Meiko Nakahara – Ru-ru-ru-russian Roulette

Chromatics – Into the Black

Yellow Magic Orchestra – Seoul Music

Shnabubula – Final Fantasy VI: Espergirl 2A03 R:TS Mix

PROTODOME – Her #0000ff Eyes…

Usa, Silas Thierstein – Donut Lift Jam

Tesla Boy – Electric Lady

Yellow Magic Orchestra – Day Tripper

PRESS PLAY ON TAPE – Comic Bakery (Larger than Pop Boyband mix )

MYTK (percent-Age ) – Galaxy Man (MYTK Remix ) [GalaxymanStage Rockman9]

Tommy February6 – Futari no Seaside

Disasterpeace – Glitch

Chika Sakamoto – No-Brand Heroes

iamamiwhoami – Y (live @ 20101116 )

Chromatics – Lady

arm (IOSYS ) – トルネードステップwith Drumstep [TornadomanStage Rockman9]

Blondie – Go Through It

capsule – Electric light Moon light

Patrik Kristofersson – What a great day to be Algerian

Lusine – Baffle

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